Corbin Fisher: Barron Fucks Dallen – ‘Barron Feeds Dallen’

Corbin Fisher: Barron Fucks Dallen - 'Barron Feeds Dallen'

Dallen came to CorbinFisher with an open mind, eager to try new things and broaden his horizons. And just a short time after making his debut, he’s going after Barron head-on!

Early in the action, he attacks Barron’s dick as if he’s been starving for that cock for a very long time, and with his oral prowess, he blows Barron away. Barron becomes enraged over all of that and wants to blow Dallen away in return. Barron uses his own oral prowess to accomplish that, but that’s only to set Dallen up for the real deal—the deep, thorough, and unrelenting drilling he’s about to unleash on Dallen’s hole!

Corbin Fisher: Barron Fucks Dallen - 'Barron Feeds Dallen'

When the guys paired Dallen with Barron, he had a vague idea of what he was getting himself into. Dallen knew he was about to take on a stud with an impressive cock and a skill for using it, since Barron’s reputation precedes him.

Ever the achiever, Dallen wasn’t going to back down despite feeling a little uneasy and anxious. By the end of this one, he’s probably just glad he stuck with the challenge and wasn’t put off by Barron’s cock!

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