New Site Attack! GayPorn Star Harem: A Fantastic PornStar Collection Role Playing Game (RPG)

New Site Attack! GayPorn Star Harem: A Fantastic PornStar Collection RPG

Newly launched Gay PornStar Harem is the latest and ultimate collaboration of hentai, manga and real gay porn stars!

Brought to you by the creators of Gay Harem, the famous hentai RPG with manga parodies and very kinky content, Gay PornStar Harem is accessible for FREE on Desktop and Mobile!

Gay PornStar Harem is an online, pornstar collection Role Playing Game (RPG) where you venture through the world, conquering the hearts of handsome pornstars.

YES, real-life pornstars!

New Site Attack! GayPorn Star Harem: A Fantastic PornStar Collection RPG

The game play starts with a simple Guy-For-Everything hustler struggling to make the best gay porn website to rule all the hunks. Until he meets his guardian GaYngel. Blessed with the extraordinary ability to shapeshaft into every man’s dream hunk, he sets out to conquer the world one dick at a time. And sometimes more than one!

The Adventure

Get ready to cruise all over the world. You will meet with your GaYangel, the man who changes your life forever and sets out to befriend and recruit guys you need.

Each world comes with exciting quests, mystery, humor, and lots of fornication!

Begin City is where it all starts. Go through your rookie days of porn stardom and learn everything that will help you for the gay journey ahead.

Every world offers the following:

Compete against sugar daddies who are selfishly keeping all the hunks for themselves. It’s your duty to convince them and get them to join your gay harem. You will win them over by engaging with your adversary in a sexual performance: the better stud to satisfy them wins. Better equipment gives better chances and whenever you win, you will get awesome rewards. Each world ends with the juiciest reward: a horny star for your harem!

Your Harem

The gay stars crave your skills because you are all they’ve ever wanted. They want to be part of your harem so that they have access to your disco stick whenever they need it. How can you say no to them?
 Every time you level up a star in your harem, you will get to see him in action. Namely, he will lose his clothes and you will enter into hot action scenes together. And if you want to repeat those hot scenes, you can always go back to the NSFW visuals- just click on the little stars.

In Gay PornStar Harem there are loads of hunky types to choose from so now get ready to shapeshaft, take off your pants, and make the PornStars see stars in the Gay PornStar Harem!

Join the game now and use the Exclusive Promo code #QCPornStars and claim your FREE 10 Euros in-game currency now!

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