Corbin Fisher: Rocky Fucks Grayson in ‘Rocky Uses Grayson’

Corbin Fisher: Rocky Fucks Grayson in 'Rocky Uses Grayson'

Grayson and Rocky are more than a little horny at times—perhaps even all of the time! So for a hot and heavy fuck session, the CorbinFisher crew let them have it at each other on whatever piece of furniture they chose!

Rocky was playful at the beginning of the episode, but by the time his big, uncut cock slides into Grayson’s ass, he’s in full power top mode. Even though Grayson has been showing off his huge cock and pounding some tight CF stud holes, it was evident that Rocky put him in bottom mode early on.

Corbin Fisher: Rocky Fucks Grayson in 'Rocky Uses Grayson'

With his back arched, Rocky was able to position Grayson so that he could play with his hole and then spin him around to insert his raw cock into it.

Grayson gets to experience what many of us have undoubtedly fantasized about: being pounded by Rocky. Rocky’s assault on Grayson’s hole must have felt great, as he has Grayson’s cock practically gushing precum before both studs are finally blasting actual cum!

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