Damian Night and Morgxn Thicke Damian Night and Morgxn Thicke

Damian Night is chasing down the villain who pickpocketed him when he runs right into hot police officer Morgxn Thicke. Morgxn takes Damian to the precinct to fill out a report, and gets a very thorough description of the perp, especially his bulge. Damian checks out the officer’s bulge for comparison, and the guys suck each other, then Morgxn rims Damian and pounds him on his desk.

Damian forgets all about his missing wallet when Officer Thicke is giving him the best dick, and he takes it doggystyle and on his back, then rides the top till he cums all over him and begs the cop to shoot all over his face on Damian Night and Morgxn Thicke

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