Randy Blue: Ozzy Dean Fucks Gio Carbone

Randy Blue: Ozzy Dean Fucks Gio Carbone

In their Randy Blue premiere, Ozzy Dean and Gio Carbone are excited to leave the scorching desert and enter a cool bedroom where they create their own heat.

Gio initially believed he was going to top, but once they’re inside, he’s all over Ozzy, sucking him nonstop, and Ozzy just smiles broadly as he soaks up the attention.

Randy Blue: Ozzy Dean Fucks Gio Carbone

When Ozzy gets a taste of fucking Gio’s mouth, he wants his cock in his beefy buttocks and gets it.

Ozzy pounds him with a constant smile on his face, knowing that no matter how he fucks him, Gio wants more, fucking himself on his cock and riding Ozzy.

Even though they ultimately end up jacking off, they are still making each other happy, supporting each other as they get off, and cumming together.

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