BelAmi Online: Kian O’Connor Fucks Jamie Eliot

BelAmi Online: Kian O'Connor Fucks Jamie Eliot

New on BelAmi: Sometimes it’s easier to approach someone directly, especially if you’re trying to woo Jamie Eliot and you’re as attractive as Kian O’Connor, with a beer-can-sized cock hidden in your pants. It merely supports the well-established maxim that size matters.

The action gets really hot when Kian realizes that a pro like Jamie has no trouble taking his thick dick all the way to the hilt, even though he seems to start the fucking off a little timidly at first.

BelAmi Online: Kian O'Connor Fucks Jamie Eliot

Jamie’s confidence in English is impressive, even in his dirty talk. There is no need for subtitles. This scene was directed by Alter Sin, the guest director for the series.

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