ChaosMen: Calvin Michaels

ChaosMen: Calvin Michaels

Calvin Michaels looks incredible as he joins ChaosMen on the red bed.

Calvin is 5’4″, 158 pounds, and just 20 years old. He used to play football and soccer, is very muscular, and works out six days a week. Calvin is bisexual and gravitates towards men in his life.

ChaosMen: Calvin Michaels

Calvin loves to bite, kiss the neck and choke with some hair pulling. When he gets naked, he climbs into the red bed and strokes his impressively hard cock.

He whips it around and shows off his gym toned ass. He continues to stroke it well. When he finishes stroking, he squirts a fabulous load all over himself and rubs it into his hands.

Head over to ChaosMen to see the full video and more of Calvin.

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