Corbin Fisher: Micah Fucks Eli in “Micah Feeds Eli”

Corbin Fisher: Micah Fucks Eli in “Micah Feeds Eli”

When the CorbinFisher crew first paired Eli and Micah up with one another, Micah showed Eli a side of him that was pretty intense! Eli was dominant and aggressive, but in a passionate, intimate way that clearly rocked Micah’s world. It was pretty hot!

With how well they worked together, the guys immediately set about trying to get them back together again. They wanted to see if that chemistry carried through and what these two would do this second time around. They wanted to see if Micah would be doing the topping this time!

Corbin Fisher: Micah Fucks Eli in “Micah Feeds Eli”

Just as Eli was hooked on Micah’s hole the first time, he’s completely hooked on Micah’s cock now.

Micah knew Eli had a special effect on him the first time they met and that he’d enjoyed being with him. He wanted to return the favour and make sure he treated Eli to the same sensations he’d experienced. Micah wanted to make sure he gave Eli the same kind of pleasure he’d given him.

You can see the video and more of Micah and Eli over on CorbinFisher.

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