Corbin Fisher: Isaac Unloads His Big Dick

Corbin Fisher: Isaac Unloads His Big Dick

New on CorbinFisher: Don’t sleep on the nerdy types, even though we all love the buff, ripped, frat-boy college jock types! Of course, “nerdy” in the most positive way, especially when referring to Isaac.

Isaac is cute, athletic, and super friendly. But he can also be a little shy at times, in a wonderfully endearing way.

He’s incredibly smart and clever. You just know he’s the kind of guy who regularly outsmarts his professors and would beat you at chess.

Corbin Fisher: Isaac Unloads His Big Dick

Isaac also likes to run and is a cinephile. So if you’re looking for a sweet guy to snuggle up with on the couch and watch a movie, he’s the guy for you.

But don’t be surprised if you begin to feel something stiff and hard pressing up against you during the film.

Isaac’s got a dick that will satisfy you to the fullest, true to form for those tall, slender types!

You can watch the video and see more of Isaac over at CorbinFisher.

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