CzechHunter: #748 – Slovakian Medical Student

CzechHunter: #748

This is what CzechHunter has to say about his recent encounter with a Slovakian medical student seeking a better life:

“The guy’s parents had stopped supporting him, so finding a job was the only way for him to make ends meet. It was tough being a student when you’re struggling financially.

He was a great catch—almost too good to be true. The only problem was he was a bit shy. I had to pay him a lot of cash just to look at his junk, and we did it in my apartment.”

CzechHunter: #748

“I really liked his tattoos and piercings.

Good that I brought more money than usual because he was way too shy and greedy. He had a girlfriend, which made him even more hesitant. The blowjob was quite nice, but I had to listen to him complaining about the size of my cock …

I was surprised that he wasn’t complaining when I shoved it in his ass. It was so easy!”

Watch the video and see more of the hunter’s adventures on CzechHunter.

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