CzechHunter: #749 – Fitness Coach

CzechHunter: #749 - Fitness Coach

This week’s CzechHunter adventure #749:

“I met this guy in the street who was getting ready to enter a fitness competition. He was training non-stop for the event and didn’t have much free time for anything else, so he needed an extra source of income to get by.

He managed to get a sponsorship, but it didn’t work out and his sponsor pulled out. This put my new friend in a tough spot. He was able to drum up some clients for training, but that just wasn’t enough to cover his costs.

I offered him some cash for doing some fitness poses for me, and he agreed.”

CzechHunter: #749 - Fitness Coach

“It was a chance for him to show off a bit. I liked the look of him and wanted to do more than just look. At least I wanted to play with his dick, which he loved.

It was great that he liked pushing boundaries, which made things a lot easier.”

You can find the video on CzechHunter.

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