The Male Muse: Inspiró – Gay Erotica Zine

The Male Muse: Inspiró - Gay Erotica Zine

Inspiró is the latest passion project by photographer Mark Alan, the creator behind The Male Muse. The 100-page zine is a stimulating collection of homoerotic works by Mark and 11 other creatives from around the globe that he discovered online or via Instagram.

The Male Muse: Inspiró - Gay Erotica ZineThe Male Muse: Inspiró - Gay Erotica Zine

While curating an issue of Pulp, one of Mark’s ongoing zines, inspiration came to create a new publication to celebrate these stimulating, thought-provoking and inspirational gay erotic artists.

Hence the launch of Inspiró.

Inside the premium matte pages, you’ll explore male beauty and sensuality in a variety of artistic modalities, including collage, ceramics, photography, found objects, digital, and line drawings.

Inspiró premiered at the Fanzine Fest Vienna in May, receiving great praise for its beautiful and lusty collection of work.

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Featured artists include:
Mark Alan – Robert Escalera – MASCULARIUM – Liviu Bulea – West Phillips – Michael Biello – Alberto de Chirico- Kazz-e ART – RAVENSWOOD – Oilskin – Dorsal – Olaf Sharifovich

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