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Chaos Men: Lloyd – Serviced

Chaos Men: Lloyd - Serviced
When Lloyd showed up, Chaos Men was floored by just how big his cock is. It truly rivals Hagan or Vander’s massive units.
Chaos Men knew Lloyd was down for getting his dick sucked, and had already arranged Aries to give him head. Remembering how Aries would gag on even an average-sized cock, Chaos Men was a bit worried that he would struggle during this video.

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07 Aug 13 By Jo 10 Comments

Chaos Men: Aries, Bay, Glenn and Vander – Pure RAW

Chaos Men: Aries, Bay, Glenn and Vander - Pure RAW
This is Bay’s first full-sex film. He was very eager to dive right in and start with a group scene. He loves group sex, and if you have been watching his videos, clearly the boy has some awesome dirty boy energy going on.
Chaos Men had paired him up with Vander, because he seemed pretty eager to also try on an extra large cock. But after a little finagling, they got Aries and Glenn on board to fuck the heck out of Vander and Bay. A four-way!

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26 Jul 13 By Jo 9 Comments

Chaos Men: Aries and Ricky

Chaos Men: Aries and Ricky
These two hot guys start by doing some side-by-side stroking, not really paying much attention to the pussy flick playing for them. Pretty sure Ricky has got some bi in him, and at this point, who knows where Aries stands on his primary interests.
We think Aries has become a size queen. He was enthralled with how long and fat Ricky’s cock was, and was on a mission to get it all in his mouth. Truly it is a mountain that needs to be ascended!

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18 Jul 13 By Jo 8 Comments

Chaos Men: Aries and Glenn – RAW

Chaos Men: Aries and Glenn - RAW
Aries had actually tried bottoming once before with a dude that he had messed around with. He said it hurt a lot and it didn’t help that the guy had a huge cock. He pretty much swore off bottoming at that time. We suspect after seeing guys not only stay hard from being fucked, but also cumming, he was willing to give it a try.
And sure enough, he had an epiphany that he could stay and actually enjoy being fucked. Bryan loved panning the camera up and seeing that his dick was hard while Glenn ground his cock into his semi-virgin hole.

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10 May 13 By Jo 6 Comments

Chaos Men: Aries, Solomon and Vander – RAW Tag Team

Chaos Men: Aries, Solomon and Vander - RAW Tag Team
[Note from Chaos Men: This is the sanitized version for viewers who may not like fetish play. The Director’s Cut has an extra minute of “fetish” activity.]
This video requires a little back story. Solomon and Vander did a video together last year. It was kind of turning point for Solomon. The two went at it like enthusiastic animals… right down to some armpit eating.
Solomon had been playing on Team Straight full time, but once he worked with Vander, he realized he might actually like dudes too. He had watched the final video and got turned on by it. Ever since filming with him, he had been asking for a re-match. The two developed a mutual crush on each other, and would ask about the other each time they came in.
Solomon is now a confident bottom, and the thought of Vander in his hole excited him. So at least for this video, they would be swapping positions. Bryan also figured adding one more guy into the mix would help spice things up. Aries is super bossy, loves to Top, and though Vander is versatile, he really does get rock hard when he is getting fucked. Aries could easily fuck the two boys the entire shoot if need be.

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12 Apr 13 By Jo 10 Comments

Chaos Men: Aries and Jet – RAW

Chaos Men: Aries and Jet - RAW
Aries is turning out to be quite the skilled top! He and Jet two exchanged workout tips and advice before the shoot, so they really hit off, having a bit of a bromance. They had a lot of energy and enthusiasm to start the shoot.
Jet is an amazing bottom, and he rides Aries’ cock like a pro. The reverse cowboy style he has down to a science and his cock gets so dang hard. Aries eventually starts thrusting into him, taking these really long strokes in and out of his hole. Jet has to let go of his cock or risk nutting.

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29 Mar 13 By Jo 7 Comments

Chaos Men: Aries and Cruz – RAW

Chaos Men: Aries and Cruz - RAW
Aries seems to always have to pee like 3-4 times while filming, so Bryan got him to do a Glory Hole video. He can let lose a stream or two while we watch.
Actually, Cruz is doing the watching while Aries unloads his bladder. Cruz strokes his cock then invites Aries to come get his cock cleaned. He sucks his cock like a hungry pro, keeping his own cock hard and ready for Aries to service.

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15 Mar 13 By Jo 14 Comments

Chaos Men: Aries and Darius – RAW

Chaos Men: Aries and Darius - RAW/><noscript><img decoding=Darius has been focusing on school, so has not been available to do shoots. He also had a girlfriend who wasn’t keen on him doing porn so it was just another reason he was MIA. Apparently that relationship is over and school was on break, so back in the saddle he climbed.
He was eager to get his ass fucked, and this is actually Aries first full-sex scene with ChaosMen. He has messed around with dudes on the side, but seems primarily interested in women. He also never fooled around with an uncut guy, so he was a little nervous about how to approach that.
Aries says he is very dominant in bed. He has Darius strip for him then makes him get his cock hard. He seemed surprised at the energy that Darius threw into the cock-sucking. Aries then sucks Darius’ cock with skill.

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01 Mar 13 By Jo 7 Comments

Chaos Men: Aries and Trevor – Serviced

Chaos Men: Aries and Trevor - Serviced
Bryan usually likes to get a feel for a new model’s energy, enthusiasm and skills before plunking them into a full-on sex scene. Trevor was in town to do a solo and an oral video, and despite him being down for some penetration, Bryan kinda wanted to make sure everything would be going smoothly.
Aries is down to fuck also, and you will be seeing more of that in the coming weeks. He has actually been fairly busy as he is local, and has jumped into a couple films where one of the models has missed a flight or got sick (Flu Season! Hate it!) So if you like Aries, be prepared for a marathon of videos in the coming months. He really is an amazing performer!

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13 Feb 13 By Jo 6 Comments