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#TwentyGayTeen: Queerclick’s 2018: A Year In Review

#TwentyGayTeen: Queerclick's 2018 Year In Review

It’s day 365/365 and glad you made it with us ’till the last day! A year is always one helluva ride and this year is no different. 2018 has been jampacked for us! Latin Americas have allowed same-sex marriage, and India decriminalizes homosexuality. Maybe that’s why it’s called “TwentyGayTeen” because it’s our year after all. I love saying that word. Thanks to whoever coined that.

And what a perfect way to celebrate these is to look back at all the things that are hottest. Visuals that you cannot find on Tumblr anymore (at least for now). Men that you may have gotten off to, fantasies that may have eaten you. These are the stuff that kept your fingers clicking, tapping, or even working down there. Let us see what are some of these moments that may have also helped some young readers shaped their sexual journey with us. This is Queerclick’s 2018: Year in Review.

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31 Dec 18 By Miguel 3 Comments

Queerclick’s Man Of The Year 2018 Is Quentin Gainz!

Queerclick's Man Of The Year 2018 Is Quentin Gainz!

Tomorrow is never promised“, “Hadder“, a “Katakana“, and so on. If you are stanning him from the very beginning, you’d instantly know who this hottie is. And it looks like most of you came out to support him at our polls. This ultimately makes him take the crown as Queerclick’s Man of the Year for 2018!

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28 Dec 18 By Miguel 10 Comments

Guys With iPhones – Top 24 of 2018 (Part 1)


It’s almost Christmas and gifts are about to be opened. But here on Queerclick, these gifts are already unwrapped and we are ready to give you your presents regardless if you’ve been naughty or nice! These are the cream of the crop, the hottest, the most adored, the greatest selfies we’ve seen and fantasized about this year. This is the first part of your Top 24 Guys With iPhones for 2018!

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21 Dec 18 By Miguel 7 Comments

The Best Gay Memes Of 2018

Much like the previous years of internet’s offensive digs in this highly defensive society and age of political correctness, 2018 has been a year for memes still since people will always be there to find humor in every situation. And gays are the best when it comes to making sass and pulling off timely jokes at the same time. In a matter of weeks as we welcome another chapter, another year, since things may not be going perfectly for everyone in this world especially the LGBT community, maybe we could at least have the last laughs for making the world colorful and at the same time, crack the funniest jokes on the internet.

Join us as we round up a bunch of the gayest and the funniest memes that stood out for this year. Make a jump and laugh out loud!

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06 Dec 18 By Miguel 1 Comment