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Spend a little one on one time with Christian Wilde–the Dom you’ve been waiting for. Mr. Wilde is going to kick your ass with his new shit kicking boots and rock hard cock. He has no time for lazy fucks wasting his time so get down on your knees, listen up and get ready to serve. Are you a bad little slut? Christian is gonna teach you a lesson: You can’t live without Christian Wilde’s cock.

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12 Jul 20 By Dave 4 Comments Bond Gods – Chris Harder and Christian Wilde Bond Gods - Chris Harder and Christian Wilde

Few things are worse, or more dire, than losing you way and losing your pack and supplies when you are out in the woods. In The dark. Suffering from dehydration Chris Harder is desperate to find help.He trips and falls and passes out. Things are going to go from bad to worse quickly. He wakes up, but finds himself ensnared in the clutches of a survivalist, Christian Wilde, who gives him the water he so needs, but not in any way does his apprehension dissipate.

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19 Nov 17 By Dave 2 Comments Jonah Fontana and Christian Wilde Jonah Fontana and Christian Wilde

In this first episode of a 3-part series, “Deep Woods Domination”, the always dominating Christian Wilde and the thick, muscled Jonah Fontana are perverts on the run. They’re driving from town to town, dominating one man after another, having their way and moving on. It’s been a hot, exciting time, but Jonah is starting to have second thoughts. After helping Christian subdue their latest conquest, he hesitates, then admits he can’t do it anymore.

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24 Sep 17 By Dave 3 Comments