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Japan Boyz: Rio and Gal

Japan Boyz: Rio and Gal

Few Japanese gay models are as vocal and fun to watch as muscular young fireplug bottom Rio, and on Japan Boyz there’s NO mistaking when he’s getting cock just the way he wants it. And his horny Asian top this time is “golden boy” Gal, but now sporting a salmon pink hair color.

No doubt, this hookup will be quite a sight for horned-up eyes. It’s a slow burn that builds up steadily from the opening kiss and fondle, to the nipple chewing, till Rio gets his mouth around Gal’s big tan knob.
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26 Apr 23 By Dave 1 Comment

Japan Boyz: Office Fuck Foursome

Japan Boyz: Office Fuck Foursome

Asian office workers have a reputation for being bored and horny. Married executives use the rush hour traffic as an excuse to get some on the side at a love hotel or gay bathhouse. Here we have Japan Boyz fan faves Reach and Gal leading two of their office buddies in a scorching working hours fourway, slowly taking off button-down shirts, ties and dress pants to bang their balls into hot hungry holes.
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26 Jan 23 By Dave Write a comment!

Japan Boyz: GAL and Reach – BLACK FRIDAY SAVINGS!

Japan Boyz: GAL and Reach

What a sweet feeling to kiss and cuddle under the sheets first thing in the morning. New Japan Boyz star GAL is sporting a new hair color, with blonde tips back to a natural brunette again. Reach is nuzzled against his broad shoulder, leans up to give his buddy a quiet smooch, and then the magic spark ignites.

The two Asian fuck buddies alternate taking juicy mouthfuls of thick hard cock, then GAL takes the leading role.

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23 Nov 22 By Dave 1 Comment