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There are 7 posts for Hugo Carter, the oldest from September 9, 2023. Hugo Carter and Steve Collins Hugo Carter and Steve Collins

We’ve all met rising star Hugo Carter and this year’s present from them to us is his first hardcore video. Hugo’s partner in this first part is a new face, Steve Collins, who happens to be Hugo’s partner in real life. Yes, that’s right, Hugo and Steve are a couple.

Steve wakes up with his boyfriend Hugo and as it’s Christmas day, it is time to open the presents. Dildos seem to be the trendy present this year, so after receiving exactly what they wanted, they decide to try them out. Steve and Hugo use the toys on each other until they both decide that a real dick will be much more preferable.
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27 Dec 23 By Dave Write a comment! Hugo Carter Hugo Carter

After his introduction in the ‘first-look’ photo set, we are back with the stunning Hugo Carter, and keen to find out everything about him. For this is the naked interview, taking place on a beautifully situated porch in the countryside.

It’s clear from his intimate answers that Hugo is smart and kind as he digs into his past experiences and secret desires which only serve to make his cock harden and pulse with excitement. We hope you enjoy the second appearance of this gem of a boy on
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27 Sep 23 By Dave Write a comment! Hugo Carter Hugo Carter

This summer has brought some sizzling temperatures around the globe so we are a little afraid to give you an extra dose of hotness, but we are going to risk it anyway. Hugo Carter is the newest addition to the Freshmen team and he is something special.

Besides being incredibly handsome, Hugo is very smart and kind. He is very well-organized and keeps things in perfect order. Even when it comes to sex. Take a look at this romantic soul as he steps in front of the lens for the first time today, and get ready for some more on
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