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Blowing Brock at

Sean Cody - Blowing Brock
Brock is one of the biggest guys Sean Cody has ever worked with. He’s huge – with upper arms bigger than our legs! He is just a total slab of beefcake.
During his first film, SC asked him about the possibility of being with another guy, half expecting to get punched in the nose for it. But instead he laughed and said he was up for trying anything once. SC was concerned, though, that 1) it was going to be tough to get him to relax with another guy’s mouth over his johnson, and 2) he’s so big that he would intimidate anyone they’re pairing him with.
After thinking about it for a while, one person came to SC’s mind – Jeffrey. Not only is he a master cock sucker, he has an uncanny gift for being able to make other people feel comfortable. Plus he’s just so darn cute!
When the two of them got together, Brock was pretty nervous but Jeffrey was cool as could be. Brock got naked and flexed his big muscles, and then SC had him crawl up on the bed on all fours with his beefy, hairy ass up in the air, just ready to be eaten.
Stay tuned for Part 2 or head over to now.
Blowing Brock at Part 2:
More blowing action at
Here’s Part 2 as promised!
Now Jeffrey enters and planted his face right into Brock’s bubble butt. Jeffrey started working Brock’s hole and Brock really seemed to love it. So much so that his cock sprang to attention almost immediately. Boinggg!
After eating out Brock’s ass, Jeffery went to work on his cock. It was great watching Jeffrey make Brock squirm. Then, when Brock couldn’t take anymore, he shot a huge load all over Jeffrey’s face!

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Tucker Gets Rimmed at

Tucker gets a good tongue cleaning!
After seeing Tucker’s kinky JO session (see our post from last week), Sean Cody wanted to find a gay guy that could really suck his hot cock and Jeffrey would be a good candidate to show him how oral sex is supposed to be done. When Tucker agreed to receive “oral sex” from a guy, he had no idea that “oral sex” was more than just a blow job…
With a little instruction from SC, Jeffrey had Tucker’s legs bent back over his head (see pictures). With Tucker’s lean body arched back, Jeffrey ate his ass out, then worked his way toward Tucker’s cock and balls.
Tucker confessed afterward that it was way better than any blow job he had received from a girl. He especially liked how Jeffrey was able to swallow his entire cock!

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Ross & Patrick at

Ross & Patrick fuck at
After Jeffrey gave Ross the fuck of his life, he was ready to do another hot stud. SC was happy to provide him with Patrick, whose last experience with Curtis had left him hungry for more cock.
Both were hard right out of their shorts and eager to get to it. Once they got their mouths around each other’s HUGE cocks, they were totally into each other and seemed to forget about the cameras.
Patrick’s ass received such a thorough tongue-bath, he almost blew his load! After he recovered, Patrick was eager to receive the pounding he needed. In fact, they enjoyed it so much they needed to switch positions for Jeffrey to plow him deeper.
For a super HOT weekend, head over to Sean Cody – The Paul Smith of gay porn.

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Diego & Jeffrey at

Diego & Jeffrey at

Diego is one of those guys with the total package – hot body, cute face, big dick, and very intelligent. There are a lot of South American men like him – sizzling sex drive, wild on the inside, but the conservative culture keeps them socially reserved. It was almost a year after originally meeting Diego that Sean Cody was able to get him to try his first male blow job. SC knew he’d enjoy it, but like most of the straight guys they work with there are a lot of bullshit social taboos that had to be worked through.
After giving Ross the fucking of his life, Jeffrey was excited to service more hot, straight men. SC had shown him a picture of Diego and it was virtually love at first sight. In addition to being a great top, Jeffrey is an expert cock sucker and he couldn’t wait to wrap his warm mouth around Diego‘s big, uncut dick…

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Ross Gets Fucked At Sean Cody

Ross gets his virgin ass fucked good!
Ross has never had his ass fucked – by anything or anyone. Virgin assholes are sometimes tough to crack, so when Ross decided that he wanted to take the next step Sean Cody had him come in a few days before they did the actual shoot just to see if he could even take anything up there. So they practised a little with a dildo. Needless to say, he was very, very tight (ooooh!) and the first few minutes were pretty uncomfortable for him. But, as his ass muscles loosened up, he seemed more relaxed and was eventually able to get the whole dildo up! Way to go, Ross!
Like a lot of the guys who appear with SC’s straight boys, Jeffrey was a viewer who wanted to do a video. Jeffrey‘s got a tall, lean build and a cock that rivals some of SC’s biggest models! Plus, he’s a great top and loved the idea of fucking a hot straight boy.
Anal sex has been described as 50% pleasure and 50% pain. We’re quite sure the saying’s about right judging by the VERY intense look on his face while Jeffrey ploughed him. For someone who is usually shy and quiet Ross was definitely making some noise!

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