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Japan Boyz: Higaken, Fuji And Kotaro

Japan Boyz: Higaken, Fuji And Kotaro

Higaken and Fuji have invited a new fuckbuddy, Kotaro, over for an evening of hot nasty fun. They don’t waste any time with formalities, and get right down to the good dirty action. Kotaro is tall with shaggy hair and sideburns, and a nice crop of black bushy pubes framing his mushroom-headed cock. Higaken positions himself on the bed between Fuji and Kotaro so he can get his hungry throat stuffed from both sides. He stands to give the new stud a chance to suck some dick. These three classic Japanese guys are a perfect complement, all almond-eyed, golden-skinned with jet black hair. And every one with a strong appetite for sex!

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