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KeumGay: Cédric and Pascal

KeumGay: Cédric and Pascal

KeumGay‘s last model Cédric wanted to watch his previously made videos and announced his arrival to the masseur’s home. While Cédric was on his way, Pascal (the sales agent) also phoned and said he would like to come and watch his videos. So KeumGay had no other choice but to invite them both. And as luck would have it, they both came at the exactly same time.

Cédric is a fitness coach, while Pascal works as a sales agent. These two sport guys have recently discovered the benefits and joys of experimenting with other guys and they are now keen on getting more of that hot stuff.

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KeumGay: Pascal

KeumGay: Pascal

Pascal stopped by the flat one afternoon right after a video filming had just finished. KeumGay let him in and his curiosity (a bad habit, isn’t it? lol) made him return to ask questions about the business. They had talked about his contract to sign but nothing was urgent, unless there was a counterpart that would have motivated the to sign that day, his co-ownership contract that keeps being cancelled because of a non-majority vote.

Pascal seemed pretty curious and willing to try new things or maybe he really needed the signature and his pro life was compromised, because he really did accept the guys grabbing his big dick and doing whatever they wanted with it.

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