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NextDoorStudios: Chad Piper and Steve Rogers

Next Door Studios:  Chad Piper and Steve Rogers

Imagine if you had a neighbor that was creeping on you. Imagine if he was hot. Chad Piper arrives home, he hears motion behind him and before he can turn he feels a body grab him, a hand across his mouth, a voice close telling him no to make a sound. Steve Rogers tells him that he knows Chad has been watching him at night. At first Chad panics but then Steve says it’s ok. He likes the eyes on him. He then asks if he wants to see even more. Up Close.

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18 Nov 17 By Dave 9 Comments

NextDoorStudios: Allen Lucas and Steve Rogers

Next Door Studios:  Allen Lucas and Steve Rogers

Ah bunk beds! One on top of the other lol. Steve Rogers, always an early riser wakes up before Allen Lucas, who is a very sound sleeper. Lucas’ ass is totally exposed as he slumbers, looking oh so prime for the fucking. Steve gets hard thinking about pounding that hole. Allen slowly wakens, as if he hadn’t been pretending all along and grips Rogers’ engorged manhood.

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21 Oct 17 By Dave 4 Comments

NextDoorStudios: Steve Rogers Pounds Johnny Riley

Johnny Riley makes his bearded return and who is waiting for him but fellow Floridian stud newbie Steve Rogers. Johnny quickly removes Steve’s shirt to let everyone see his massive chest, and absence must make the dick grow fonder, because Johnny gets right to pleasuring Steve, downing his cock as he takes off his pants and begins to jack himself off. Steve face fucks Johnny’s mouth before they switch roles.

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22 Sep 17 By Dave 1 Comment

NextDoorStudios: Ty Thomas and Steve Rogers

Next Door Studios: Ty Thomas and Steve Rogers

Ty Thomas doesn’t usually cruise the parks for hookups, but when he sees beefy hunk Steve Rogers loitering around, he decides to have a seat and see what happens. Steve notices him immediately, and as they make eye contact, he runs his hand up his thigh, cupping his package for Ty to see. Moments later, the two of them make their way to Ty’s place across the street, where Ty undresses Steve, kissing him down his muscled body and removing his pants, then diving onto Steve’s fat cock, sucking him until he’s nice and hard.

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13 Sep 17 By Ken 6 Comments

NextDoorStudios: Dalton Riley, Trevor Jones and Steve Rogers’ First Three Way

Dalton Riley finds himself smack dab in the middle of two first timers and he couldn’t be more excited about his options. On his right, fresh faced Trevor Jones waits eagerly to show his stuff, while on his left, muscle bound stud Steve Rogers is ready to give everyone the business. With so many choices, Dalton decides to dive right in, as the three of them engage in a kiss before stripping out of their clothes. The chemistry is palpable as all three guys take turns blowing each other, but Steve is here to fuck and rather quickly asks who gets to take the dick first.

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31 Aug 17 By Dave 4 Comments