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There are 13 posts for Troy Daniels, the oldest from September 9, 2011. Joey Mills, Troy Daniels and Dean Young – Joey’s Surf Vacation Part 1 Joey Mills, Troy Daniels and Dean Young - Joey's Surf Vacation Part 1

New on When Joey Mills is stressed out he likes to travel to rejuvenate and relax. He books a trip to the beaches of Spain to learn how to surf. He arrives at the rental and his host Dean Young greets him warmly.

As Joey makes his way to the shore he discovers he’s going the ride the waves, just not in the expected way when he meets Troy Daniels!
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12 Feb 24 By Dave Write a comment!

Tim Tales: Troy Daniels and Tim Kruger

TimTales: Troy Daniels and Tim Kruger

Time flies! Just a few years ago Troy Daniels was still a twink. Now you see that he’s a total muscle hunk. Full beard, tats all over, but this American boy still has a hungry bubble butt ready for massive German cocks. The one from Tim is of course his favorite. Watch Tim ride that raw ass like no one can. Troy Daniels is right in his element. Hole destruction ahead 😉

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05 Mar 20 By Dave 1 Comment Paddy O’Brian and Troy Daniels  Paddy O'Brian and Troy Daniels

Muscular Troy Daniels was getting ready to leave the office in chiseled Paddy O’Brian’s clothing when he’s intercepted midway through getting dressed by the big dick stud himself. Paddy sends his assistant away, and demands tattooed Troy get undressed so he can teach him a lesson about borrowing other people’s things. Horny Paddy bends the tall hunk over to rim his hole, and pound it in doggy style.

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19 Feb 19 By Dave 6 Comments

Titan Men: Hunter Marx & Troy Daniels

titan men hunter troy
At the gym, Troy Daniels gets instruction from trainer Hunter Marx–who steadies his client’s legs during an exercise. As Troy finishes the set, Hunter moves his hands to the stud’s groin and reaches up for a kiss. Hunter works on Troy‘s jockstrap bulge before releasing his cock and engulfing it. Hunter strokes it as they kiss, licking Troy‘s pec before sucking him again–sliding his tongue up the smooth sac and shaft.

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12 Jun 14 By Dave 7 Comments

Bound Jocks: Troy Daniels and Lucas Knight

boundjocks troy lucas
Troy Daniels and Lucas Knight are two horny, bound jocks that are tied to each other in the 69 position. Both jocks are as hard as a rock and unable to pull away from the other’s cock just inches in front of their faces. Finally, they both slurp and suck each other’s sizable man-meat until they can’t take it anymore – Home to glory!

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02 Jan 13 By Dave 1 Comment

Hot House: Pack Attack #7 – Troy Daniels

hot house pack attack troy daniels
Troy Daniels lies on his back surrounded by the pack of horse-hung studs who take turns fucking his mouth and ass. But a cock in each hole isn’t enough for Troy; he needs one in each hand too. The pack moves around the cock-hungry bottom, taking turns plowing his greedy hole until they can’t take it any more.

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22 Oct 12 By Dave 14 Comments

Fetish Force: Leo Forte and Troy Daniels

fetish force troy leo
Olive skinned Leo Forte is especially good at ensuring that Troy Daniel’s pain is mixed with pleasure. When he ropes Tony onto a padded fuck bench, about the only thing the captive can do is rear his ass upward. Leo meets it face first, roughing up that ass with deep tonguing and crude double-finger fucking. And then Leo destroys it with an unforgiving caning until the quivering flesh is distressed as an old saddle. Troy’s near delirious with pain when Leo releases him, and the excited bottom gives Leo such a severe face fucking the guy can hardly stand up.

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Club Inferno Dungeon: Spencer Reed and Troy Daniels

club inferno dungeon spencer troy
Spencer Reed decides he’s in the mood to fuck around with a submissive bottom so he calls Troy Daniels. Troy comes in to find Spencer finishing a cigarette which he snuffs out on Troy’s boot. Spencer orders Troy on all fours and begins playing with his ass. After filling his hole with a turkey baster full of lube, Spencer grabs a huge dildo and shoves it up Troy’s ass. Ramming the young stud’s hole makes Spencer’s cock hard so he pulls it out and shoves it up Troy’s ass. Determined to push Troy’s hole busting limits, Spencer grabs a huge fake cock and slams it all the way up inside Troy’s butthole.

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12 Aug 12 By Dave 3 Comments

Hot House: Parker Perry and Troy Daniels

hot house parker perry troy daniels
Parker Perry and Troy Daniels meet for the first time on our set and are immediately attracted to each other. Troy, who tends to be more shy, plays it cool; but as soon as Parker pulls out his enormous cock Troy comes alive! He goes crazy at the sight of Parker’s monster and swallows it whole. Parker climbs on top of Troy and fucks his face then bends him over and eats his ass. Troy can’t take it any longer – he needs to feel that giant ramrod deep in his hole. Parker fucks him on the back of the couch then kicks back so Troy can jump on for a wild reverse cowboy. Troy jacks a load out of his own big dick then helps Parker bust a nut.

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01 Jan 12 By Dave 6 Comments

Titan Men: Fixation’s Troy Daniels & Jayden Grey

Titan Men's Fixation
Troy Daniels awakens from a sexually charged dream and turns to boyfriend Jayden Grey—whose giant boner waits under the sheets. The tattooed Troy offers up his hairy hole as Jayden dives in with his talented tongue. Troy shows off his boner as he gets eaten, begging his boyfriend to fuck him. Tan and toned Jayden slides his sizeable shaft inside, making it disappear as he spreads Troy’s legs.

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