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Japan Boyz: Kouya and Zen

Japan Boyz: Kouya and Zen

Zen is kneeling with his eyes closed on the tatami on Japan Boyz. He knows he has a date to hook up but isn’t sure of who will appear. Kouya‘s had a taste of the hot blonde Asian and his famous cock before, but wants to surprise his buddy.

Wrapping a blindfold around Zen’s face, he goes to work making hot Japanboyz love. He warms him up with some soft kisses and nipple licks. He gently massages Zen’s tool inside his tight briefs. Zen eagerly swallows down Kouya’s cock, then crouches on all fours while Kouya drills into his ass with a couple of lubed fingers.

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04 Dec 22 By Dave 1 Comment

Japan Boyz: Zen and Fuji

Japan Boyz: Zen and Fuji

It’s nice to see a veteran Japan Boyz favorite roll out the fuzzy red carpet for a new hot model. Zen has been around a few months and has a loyal fanbase, but Fuji has years of hot fuck experience under his belt, so to speak.

He’s ready to take on blond and sexxxy Zen for a hot bareback roll between the sheets. Zen’s hot and horny to get a piece of Fuji’s experienced ass. And one thing both these Japan Boyz studs have in common is a preference for tight, close, passionate sex, so we’re in for a treat when they meet and mate.

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25 Oct 22 By Dave 1 Comment