PeterFever: Lion's Den

PeterFever: Lion's Den

The lion has returned to his den after a long trip.

The last guy Peter brought back to his bedroom, Vince, he was the perfect prey. He played hard to get, so Peter pinned him against the bed and stripped him, licked his tender skin and tasted his juicy lips. It was fucking hot pounding Vince and dominating his body. Come to Peter Le's "Lion's Den" and watch him unleash his inner animal.

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PeterFever: Peter Le - Sleep Remedy

PeterFever: Peter Le - Sleep Remedy

Peter Le just got back from China a few days ago and still has jet lag. He wants to take a nap, but every time he closes his eyes, he thinks about his hookup with Justin the other night, how Justin pounding his ass with his huge cock while reaching around and stroking Peter's rock hard dick. It was so intense!

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Legend Men: Skylar Shea (2)

Legend Men: Skylar Shea video

Skylar Shea loves shows off his sexy naked body, he's had some experience stripping for parties and competing in physique contests. Now check out his hot load in this new video at Legend Men!

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Wank Wank Revolution: Shower Room Wank

sticky Wank Wank Revolution: asian cutie Shower Room Wank

Cute Asian dude wanks in shower room. Watch the video for free on Sticky!

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PeterFever: Movie Night - Cowabunga Dude on QC Asians

PeterFever: Movie Night - Cowabunga Dude

Check out Santiago transforms into the kick ass Donatello in Ninja Turtles and battle it out with Leonardo in this episode of The Asiancy S8E8 "Movie Night - Cowabunga Dude" over on QCA!

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PeterFever: Frisky Business

PeterFever: Peter Le in Frisky Business

Peter Le got home from a long day of work. It was Friday night and he couldn't wait to take off his suit. He turned up the speakers, stripped down to his underwear, and had some fun "Tom Cruise" style. Peter got silly, danced around the house then landed on the couch just like in the movie "Risky Business." (Ed's note: You've gotta see him prancing around, it's more comical than sexy. Check out the trailer after the jump.)

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This Week on Sticky Premium

This Week on Sticky Premium

This week on Sticky premium, we have gorgeous studs jerking off, handsome hunks and sexy soldier sharing naked selfies, and stunning cam performers giving fantastic shows.

Check out the teasers after the jump!

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Asian Amateur Videos: Matatuama Train Wank


Remember Matatuama? He's our favourite Japanese exhibitionist from many years ago and we're happy to bring back his entire series of amazingly daring public exposure videos starting with this video. This guy really raised the bar for all future exhibitionists.

Watch Matatuama jacking off on a train on Sticky for free.

UK Hot Jocks: Yoshi Kawasaki

UK Hot Jocks: Yoshi Kawasaki

If ever there was a perfect mix of dirty, sexy and adorably cute, Yoshi is it! Japanese jock and super hot and exotic looking Yoshi Kawasaki is exclusive to UKHotJocks. Living in London and studying English he's sweet, polite and an insatiable bottom boy! Covered in hot tattoos, when he's fully clothed you couldn't imagine the sexual beast that lies beneath. When he gives 'that' look into the camera you know he's hiding something much more.

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Ash Young at Flirt4Free


Ash Young is new on Flirt4Free. He's the skater type Asian American twink who loves the outdoors and playing in the sun. Ash is open to toys, BDSM, anal play, cum play, food play, blindfolding, roleplay, dirty talk, leather, feet, armpit. Pay him a visit and enjoy the show!

More pics at QC Asians!

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PeterFever: City Suite on QC Asians

PeterFever: City Suite on QC Asians

While visiting Shanghai, Eric East told Peter Le he really wanted to try directing a video with Peter in it. Peter shared a trick of his, "shoot in the nude". That way when Peter's naked too, he will feel completely comfortable. Actually Peter was kidding, he just wanted to see Eric naked while he jacked off.

Enjoy, "City Suite" with Peter Le, directed by Eric East.

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Japan Boyz: Coda Filthy Goes Solo on QC Asians

Japan Boyz: Coda Filthy Goes Solo on QC Asians is excited to present Coda Filthy. This 21 year old, half Thai and half Cambodian hottie is no stranger to Asian porn sites, but wanted to "cum" to us to do his VERY FIRST SOLO!

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