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JapanBoyz: Fuji and Rikiya

JapanBoyz: Fuji and Rikiya

When Fuji made a date with JapanBoyz‘s new sensation Rikiya, he was expecting a “no muss, no fuss” one night stand. Get off and go home. But he didn’t reckon with the hot tatted muscleboy’s tender and sensitive side.

From the minute they sit facing each other at adjacent beds, he looks into Rikiya’s deep brown eyes and the love bomb treatment takes over. Riki’s magic lips roam around, settling on Fuji’s mouth and then his sensitive nips. How could the longtime veteran hold back. He’s just as into it as Rikiya.
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12 Nov 22 By Dave 1 Comment

Japan Boyz: Yusaku and Rikiya

Japan Boyz: Yusaku and Rikiya

Experienced Japanboy Yusaku and new guy Rikiya, who has been around the block sexually and on camera but is just working his way through the stable of horny Japan Boyz models, are a study in contrasts and commonality.

Edgy fetish stud Yusaku is pale, cool and kinky, with a wicked glint in his eye. Tan, built and beautiful Riki is more conventionally attractive, more the type that every guy’s cock leaps up for.

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09 Nov 22 By Dave 1 Comment

Japan Boyz: Rikiya Fucks Kenchi – First Date With Rikiya

Japan Boyz: First Date With Rikiya

New Japan Boyz model Rikiya is no stranger to the Japanese gay adult scene. He’s a bit of a star around Tokyo, but after seeing the site he was happy to sign on. With his smoldering good looks, tattoos and bad boy image, he’s gonna break a few hearts around the stable of guys, mark our words.

He’s a top who likes to plow some tight raw holes, and we have just the guy for his first onscreen date. Kenchi is hot and horny, and his ass is just aching for a deep hard screw.

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11 Oct 22 By Dave 1 Comment