JapanBoyz: Fuji and Rikiya

JapanBoyz: Fuji and Rikiya

When Fuji made a date with JapanBoyz‘s new sensation Rikiya, he was expecting a “no muss, no fuss” one night stand. Get off and go home. But he didn’t reckon with the hot tatted muscleboy’s tender and sensitive side.

From the minute they sit facing each other at adjacent beds, he looks into Rikiya’s deep brown eyes and the love bomb treatment takes over. Riki’s magic lips roam around, settling on Fuji’s mouth and then his sensitive nips. How could the longtime veteran hold back. He’s just as into it as Rikiya.

JapanBoyz: Fuji and Rikiya

These two Asian studs know how to relax and not rush. Enjoying every moment, Rikiya savors the musky flavor of Fuji’s big cock, then artfully turns him to drill a probing tongue into the horny versatile’s butthole.

Tonight is Fuji’s turn to bottom, and he’s not a bit opposed when it’s gonna be Riki’s acclaimed cock plowing in. Rikiya slides in smooth and slow, not pushing any harder than Fuji’s up for. But it’s a slippery slope, and each position heats up the room a little more.

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