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Queerying: Reese Rideout

Queerying: Reese Rideout

We got a chance to queery Reese Rideout over the weekend! Reese is a true veteran in the industry, our introduction was early on with his work at JockButt (oh his butt!), Randy Blue and most recently with Men.com.

As an aside, boy do we miss Randy Blue. He’s a pleasure to chat with, his body and impish grin are quite sexy! He has a way of looking at you that makes you feel a certain something.

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Queer Clicks: January 23 | Gay Conservative: Leather Event’s ‘Debauchery’ Destroys LGBTQ Progress, Colton Haynes to Stretch Acting Talents as a Famous #Instagay, and Other Clicks

Gay Conservative: Leather Event’s ‘Debauchery’ Destroys LGBTQ Progress

Gay conservative Brad Polumbo is really, really upset about the Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend, which wrapped up Sunday in Washington, D.C. Advocate

Dumped by Sugar Daddy, Insufferable gay ‘Instastud’ Must Fend for Himself

“James, a sexy, youthful sought-after Instagram star in high-society, and self-proclaimed ‘Trophy,’ is dumped by his wealthy live-in benefactor,” explain the filmmakers about what you’ll see in the short film Trophy Boy. Towleroad

Colton Haynes to Stretch Acting Talents as a Famous #Instagay

Actor and thirst-trap Colton Haynes will star in a new queer comedy, I Run Hot, which is currently under development at AMC. Cocktails and Cock Talk

RuPaul has Been Tapped to Host Saturday Night Live

According to Entertainment Weekly, RuPaul is going to be hosting Saturday Night Live (SNL) on February 8th. Not only is he headlining, but the special musical guest is freakin’ Justin Bieber. Instinct Magazine

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The Nicest Celeb Bulges From Calvin Klein Ads

The Nicest Celeb Bulges From Calvin Klein Ads

When it comes to marketing strategies, Calvin Klein is undoubtedly one of those names in the industry who can pull off head-turning print ads and campaigns. It like he’s just letting these hot celebrity bodies speak for themselves. They recently sent the internet into a frenzy when Shawn Mendes revealed that he is posing for its underwear line.

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Queer Clicks: February 18 | Shawn Mendes Is The New Face (And Body) For Calvin Klein Underwear, Over 60% of You Wouldn’t Date Somebody with an OnlyFans Account, & Other News

Shawn Mendes Is The New Face (And Body) For Calvin Klein Underwear

“Mark Wahlberg and Justin Bieber have done it and now it’s the 20-year-old Canadian singer’s turn. Shawn Mendes is the new face and body of Calvin Klein Underwear.

The first few images from the campaign started popping up in some Calvin Klein stores this weekend. The “Stitches” hitmaker even tweeted a few pics. However, he did tease there’s more to come. ” Homorazzi

Wilson Lai Took a Bath

Willson Lai Wonders “Where the Fuck is his rubber ducky” Instagram

Over 60% of You Wouldn’t Date Somebody with an OnlyFans Account

“As even more of the gay community move onto OnlyFans as a form of making money, and the platform receives coverage from the NY Times and SNL, we wanted to know how our readers viewed the platform and those that use it.

In a survey of 1,159 people, we asked if you’d date someone that used OnlyFans.” Cocktails and Cock Talk

23 Photos Tell Us Who Mr. Gay America Is

“Many in the gay community have long been familiar with the Miss Gay America pageant, whether from knowing a competitor, attending a preliminary, seeing a Miss Gay America titleholder perform at a local club, or as a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race.” Advocate

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QC’s Gratuitous Post Of The Day: 37 Years Of MTV And The Naked Male Musicians

Exactly seven years ago, MTV has opened doors for music videos. It has since become a part of pop culture and also a place to discover some new crushes from the music industry. This is QC’s Gratuitous Post of The Day!

Racy music videos, though may not stir many controversies nowadays, still get lots of attention. In a musical world filled with women, we truly adore these male musicians who are confident to flaunt the beauty of the male anatomy in their own music videos. Skins and muscles don’t just add to the videos’ artistry but also tickle our minds to come up with naughty thoughts with these musicians.

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Justin Bieber’s Buttcrack Is Broadcast To The World Thanks To His Tighty Whities!

Justin Bieber's Buttcrack Is Broadcasted To The World Thanks To His Tighty Whities!

Shake, shake that cute Canadian Booty!

Justin Bieber‘s butt will always have a special place in our hearts so any new development on that front (back?) is a cause of joy for us. Who can forget that bubbly tushie during his infamous Bora Bora vacations? Not to mention those legendary paparazzi photos in Hawaii that finally revealed his peen to millions of anxious fans.

The Biebs is proud of his God-given behind and has even shared “butt-selfies” willingly on Instagram. Over the past few hours the talk on social media has been monopolized thanks again to another sighting of those Canadian buttocks. This time the “Baby” singer was intercepted by some fans who managed to grab a photo with him. Later Justin enter the shop he was headed to and while he waited to be serviced by the employees he leaned over the counter arching his back in the process. The sensual movements revealed more than the type of underwear he was wearing at the time. The tighty whities were almost transparent and his buttcrack makes it impossible to take your eyes off of it!

Make the jump to see more of this new sighting of Justin Bieber’s buttcrack. What do you think of his jiggly bum? Let us know in the comments!

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Queer Clicks: December 19 | “Ordinary” Gay Men Get Naked For 2018 Calendar That Illustrates The Many Shapes Of Sexy, Matt Lambert’s Short Film, Flower, Finds Intimacy InSex & Friendship, & Other News

“Ordinary” Gay Men Get Naked For 2018 Calendar That Illustrates The Many Shapes Of Sexy

“While there are plenty of 2018 calendars offering photos of chiseled male models and athletes, a new calendar from meat magazine is proving you don’t need to have a six-pack to be sexy.

The London-based gay ’zine celebrates “real guys” by showcasing them in “stylish, un-retouched, natural photos,” and the publication’s 2018 calendar is taking the idea to a steamy new level.” New Now Next

Shawn Mendes Was Caught Stripping Backstage, And Twitter’s Freaking Out

“When Shawn Mendes strips down, the Internet is unable to deal and quickly devolves into a gurgling, glitching stew of overheated exclamations.

The Canadian pop star was recently photographed undressing backstage, which has caused his numerous Instagram followers to freak the fuck out. ” Queerty

Matt Lambert’s Short Film, Flower, Finds Intimacy In Sex & Friendship

“Flower starts with a moan of ecstasy and ends with a queer, punk singalong. Sandwiched in-between, five friends from Helix Studios spend 15 minutes redefining the line between intimacy, friendship, and sex under the directorial lens of Matt Lambert. It’s a dreamy sexual lullaby of a film (available to stream in its full, NSFW glory here) that strengthens his reputation as one of the today’s most visionary gay directors, yet Lambert’s latest film has become his most risqué project yet.” Out

Bauble butt! Justin Bieber Fans Are Looking At More Than Just His Christmas Tree

“The 23-year-old took off his top to decorate his enormous Christmas tree, posting a video of himself getting into the festive spirit on Instagram.

However, it wasn’t just his tree than fans were getting a good eyeful of.” Gay Times

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Queer Clicks: October 03 | These Cream-Filled Penis Waffles Are Arousing Lots Of Attention, Macklemore’s ‘Same Love’ Shoots Up Australian Charts After Call For Gay Censorship, & Other News

These Cream-Filled Penis Waffles Are Arousing Lots Of Attention

“A restaurant is making a lot of dough with a dish that is both tasty and tasteless: A penis-shaped waffle.

The phallic food products are sold at a food stall in Bangkok named “Pho Hai Ma,” which means “I Got It From My Dad” in English.

Each cockeyed creation is stuffed with sausage and cheese and comes with a variety of sauces, such as ketchup, mayonnaise or chocolate, according to Next Shark.

The dick-shaped desserts sell for around the equivalent of around $1.20 ― or about 20 cents per inch.” HuffPost

Macklemore’s ‘Same Love’ Shoots Up Australian Charts After Call For Gay Censorship

“Some of the best forms of protest are the unexpected and unplanned ones. After Australia’s ex-prime minister Tony Abbott called for Macklemore’s “Same Love” to be censored, the track soared all the way to the top of the Australian iTunes charts, displaying exactly how many Australians feel about the demand.” Out

Bryan Hawn And His Booty Are Back With An Imagine Dragons Parody

“ouTube sensation Bryan Hawn is back with another parody that showcases his comedic talents, voice, and that big booty that he just loves showing off.

We recently profiled his hilarious take on Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber’s hit “Despacito”, but this time around he’s using his rock edge (and some other things) on Imagine Dragon’s smash “Thunder”. ” Instinct Magazine

Oh Wow! The Dieux Du Stade Naked Calendar Is Looking Hotter Than Ever

“As the 2018 calendars start to be unveiled, all eyes seem to be on the sportsmen of the signature Dieux Du Stade project, which is shaping up to be one of its hottest ever.

We were teased with a steamy video last month, but now the first images from the inside of the calendar have been released.

With a disco theme and balls flying everywhere – glitter balls that is –Dieux Du Stade is heating up the dance floor.

Professional handball player Nikola Karabatic flaunts his ass-ets in the club, shrouded in smoke and green lasers. I feel loooOOOooove.” Gay Times

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Queer Clicks: August 29 | No One Was Staring At Conor McGregor’s Face During His Face-Off Weigh-In With Floyd Mayweather, Bryan Hawn Hilariously Spoofs Luis Fonsi’s Hit “Despacito” , & Other News

No One Was Staring At Conor McGregor’s Face During His Face-Off Weigh-In With Floyd Mayweather

“Conor McGregor ultimately didn’t win his fight against Floyd Mayweather, but that’s not important right now.

What demands your utmost attention is this footage of the face-off weigh-in between the two fighters. We can’t put our finger on why, exactly, we think it will captivate you. Perhaps we sense McGregor is just One To Watch, possessed of that innate charisma that screams star staying power. Or perhaps it’s his meticulously crafted tattoos. Or his hypnotic accent. ” Queerty

Bryan Hawn Hilariously Spoofs Luis Fonsi’s Hit “Despacito”

“Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past 3 months, then by now you have heard Luis Fonsi’s song “Despacito”, which features Daddy Yankee in the original version and Justin Bieber in the remixed one. The song just tied Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men’s “One Sweet Day” as the longest running number one single in Billboard Hot 100 history, and has spawned a ton of spoofs in the process.” Instinct Magazine

102 Photos of L.A. Getting Its Proud On

“The Pride Parade in Los Angeles and West Hollywood was folded into the Resistance march this year, and thus had an appropriately political tone. That was the good and right thing to do. So for those folks who still wanted a crazy hot and juicy event at which to flirt and frolic, DTLA Proud was most welcome. After all, LGBT folks cruising other LGBT folks is part of resisting.” Advocate

More Of Josh By James Townsend

“You may not recognise him with his hair shaved off, but Josh is back with another shoot from the talented James Townsend.

Josh, is a 25 year old student living in Orange County California, balancing a busy life between work and school. Setting aside time on the weekends for creative projects, modelling and acting.” DNA Magazine

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Queer Clicks: August 13 | 42 Film Posters Showing Hollywood’s LGBT Evolution, So You Want To Be A Leather Daddy?, & Other News

Amini Fonua’s Rock Hard Thighs, Max Emerson’s Naked Serenade, & Terry Miller’s Silver Hairs

“This week Madonna’s kid brother tried dragging her through the mud again, Justin Bieber stepped out with a questionable substance on his shorts, and Tyson Beckford slipped out of his towel at a Magic Mike Live show. Here’s what happened on Instagram:” Queerty

42 Film Posters Showing Hollywood’s LGBT Evolution

“Wes Davis, a professor of English and film at the University of New Haven, recently curated an exhibition, “LGBT Movie Poster History & Iconography” at the Seton Gallery on his college campus. In showcasing 115 pieces of movie paper, the exhibition traced the “long, rich, and troubled history” of LGBT films over nearly a century of time. “Collecting this movie paper is like reconstructing and preserving the fossil record of gay lives on film,” Davis wrote.” Advocate

Photo Courtesy Jim Wigler

So You Want To Be A Leather Daddy?

“I was anxious when I attended International Mr. Leather (IML) a few years back. It was my first big leather event, and I was conscious that the scene was riddled with codes and social hierarchies that I didn’t understand. I thought I was being sexy, showing up bare-chested with wrist restraints and a thick collar around my neck, but halfway through the first party, I realized that I wasn’t picking up anyone.

I got chatting with this one guy who explained that it was likely because of my collar.

Turns out that wearing the collar meant I was owned. I took it off right away and placed it in my back pocket, which changed the course of my night.” Out

Bryan Hawn & Nick Dent Take On Katy Perry’s Roulette. They’re “Double Trou-bubble” In New Sexy/Funny NSFW-ish Parody

“In his most recent video I think Bryan Hawn rolls all of the above into one. In his parody of Kay Perry’s Roulette he brings along Nick Dent, model, singer, actor, and ex-Porn star.

Bryan himself calls his new clip “sex and funny.” The vocals are all Bryan Hawn and Nick Dent. They aren’t Usher quality, but they’re holding their own, and each other’s. I think this video does show some improvement in Nick’s singing, too.” Instinct Magazine

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Queer Clicks: August 11 | Olympic Gymnast’s Brilliant Idea To Increase Viewership: Compete Shirtless, Is that Whipped Cream or What? & Other News

Olympic Gymnast’s Brilliant Idea To Increase Viewership: Compete Shirtless

“Here’s an idea no reasonable person should oppose: In the spirit of increasing the visibility of men’s gymnastics, how about athletes take a cue from the Romans and compete with a little more exposure to the elements?

That’s the genius idea from team USA’s Sam Mikulak. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, the US all-around national champ reasoned that if gymnasts “compete with [their] shirts off,” perhaps viewership would tick upwards. We think he’s definitely onto something here. ” Queerty

35 Photos of Mostly Bears, Mostly From Mexico

“We love José Luis Bueno’s photographs of men because his simple compositions and direct presentation give us a more connected experience with the guys. Last fall we presented a portfolio of his work for the first time and it was very popular.” Advocate

Is that Whipped Cream or What?

“The thing with being a huge celebrity, is that you’re under constant scrutiny. As Kim Kardashian found out after her recent ‘coke’ scandal, the cameras catch every little detail. Now Justin Bieber has been papped out and about with a goopy stain on his shorts…

The jury is out as to whether he’d been spitting at fans, or getting slurped off by one.

The ‘boyfriend’ singer was seen in yellow sportswear reading ‘TOUR’… Well you know what they say, ‘what happens on the tour bus, is the dry cleaners problem’.” cocktailsandcocktalk

Ex On The Beach Star Shows Off Tattoo, His Bulge Is The Bigger Distraction

“Reality star Brandon Myers meant to show off his new tattoo, but his Instagram followers caught sight of a whole lot more.” Instinct Magazine

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Keaton Stromberg, From Pop Band Emblem3, Allegedly Naked On Snapchat!

Keaton Stromberg, From Pop Band Emblem3, Allegedly Naked On Snapchat!

Keaton Stromberg is one third of American band Emblem3. Formed with Drew Chadwick and his brother Wesley; the trio jumped to mainstream fame when they auditioned for The X Factor. Two years later they launched their first album and also this very year, Keaton released his first solo material called “The Simple Life”. Fans of the band had a feast when the three guys posed naked (while using their guitars to cover the goods) when they tried to imitate the infamous Justin Bieber moment with his grandma. But that wasn’t the only time with a nude moment in their history. Keaton and Wesley did the ice bucket challenge in their birthday suits with the former even going as far as showing his twink-ish butt. If those hot “incidents” drove their fans crazy then they are going to faint with this one!

Keaton has been allegedly caught sending nudes via Instagram to an unknown third party. The horny 20yo singer is front and center in a couple of selfie snaps that appear to have been taken before going to sleep. The set is completed with a dick pic that shows a fully hard cock that supposedly belongs to Stromberg!

Make the jump to see more of Keaton Stromberg. What do you think of this horny singer? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Nick Dent, (Former Porn Star Reese Rideout) Does His Best Justin Bieber In His Latest YT Parody Video!

Nick Dent, (Former Porn Star Reese Rideout) Does His Best Justin Bieber In His Latest YT Parody Video!

Many were sad when he retired from porn but he has discovered a new vocation and it still includes taking his clothes off!

The name Nick Dent probably is not as familiar as Reese Rideout but that could change soon. The former porn star made his YouTube Red debut thanks to his close friend Bryan Hawn. QC readers probably remember their recent team-up video in which the bootylicious duo made a superhero turn for a parody video. It seems that experience gave Nick the confidence he needed to start making his own parodies too.

For his first big YouTube production Nick chose a DJ Khaled & Justin Bieber song to put his body to dance and his vocal chords to sing. The public video (there’s also an explicit one) features Dent in a few costumes but he quickly strips down and shakes his butt (and bulge) to the music. What do you guys think of his vocal skills and comedy chops?

Make the jump to find out! Share your thoughts in the comments and don’t forget to vote in our poll!

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Queer Clicks: March 29, 2017 | This Gay Porn Star Is Donating $150 From Every Scene He Does To Gay-Straight Alliances, Gay In Ballet: Two Men Defying Traditions In The Dance World, & Other News

This Gay Porn Star Is Donating $150 From Every Scene He Does To Gay-Straight Alliances

“This past weekend at the Phoenix Forum, an adult-industry trade show, performer Markie More announced he was giving $150 from every one of his scenes to the Gay Straight Alliance Network. “I’ve always felt a calling to help people especially those who can’t necessarily help themselves,” More said. “As the years have gone by this feeling within me has become increasingly stronger.” ” New Now Next

The Effects Of Testostérone On Toronto (Photos)

“The men of Toronto went wild at the Black Eagle on March 18. Was that the music from DJ Ron Hamelin? Or just the Testostérone, powered by Scruff, throbbing in their veins?” Advocate

Gay In Ballet: Two Men Defying Traditions In The Dance World

(Above): Parker Kit Hill (Below): James Whiteside

“James Whiteside, 32, has achieved his lifelong dream. In 2013, within a year of moving to New York to join the American Ballet Theatre (ABT) as a soloist, the Connecticut native was promoted to principal dancer, a highly prestigious gig he’s held ever since. Parker Kit Hill, 21, has amassed an uncommon amount of fame for his age. Raised in Fort Worth, Texas, he’s a buzz-worthy quadruple threat who can sing, dance, act, and utilize the vital world of social media, which has spread his queer and quirky performance art across the world and landed him everything from TV castings to sit-downs with The Huffington Post and Paper.” Out

Guy Recreates Iconic Celeb Nudes To Show ‘All Bodies Are Beautiful’

Matthew Dean Stewart

“Actor-singer Ben Yahr channeled Justin Bieber, Amy Schumer and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine for a new music video that he hopes will inspire members of the queer community to embrace their bodies.” Huffington Post

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QC’s Top 16 Best Features Of 2016!

QC's Top 16 Best Features Of 2016!

There seems to be a general consensus that twenty sixteen was a terrible, terrible year. But we have 16 features that will put a smile on your face and a hard-on in your pants!

Disastrous presidential elections, deaths of beloved celebrities, terrorist attacks, endless wars and political tensions… 2016 you sucked! But we’re the kind of guys who like to focus on the positive and the past 12 months have brought some amazing things too. Here’s proof that there’s still beauty, and horniness, in this world. Like no other before ’16 was a banner year for seeing naked athletes, actors, musicians and reality TV personalities and you guys devoured their images. From wardrobe malfunctions to sport bulges and from naughty celebrity selfies to paparazzi photos we, QC editors and readers together, marvelled with these features. We have compiled 16 of the best and most popular QC posts of 2016, presented in no particular order, to preserve them for posterity. A reminder that not everything in this year was bad and that there are moments worth celebrating and that we featured them all on QueerClick!

Make the jump to check out the entire list and let us know which one was your favorite in the comments!

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