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CockyBoys: Avery Jones and Dallas Preston

CockyBoys: Avery Jones and Dallas Preston

There’s trouble in paradise as more machinations put the fate of the late video game mogul Marcus Muskburg’s ( Matthew Cooper) company in doubt. One of his partners (Daniel Evans, Kane Fox & Leo Grand) bows out while a secret entity seems to be plotting a takeover. AND, Marcus’ widower Houston Moore (Dallas Preston) has plans too as he carries on a clandestine affair with Avery Jones.

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Queer Clicks: October 04 | Germany Celebrates First Gay Wedding After Historic Vote, New Film Sheds Light On A Less-Heralded Aspect Of The Queer Experience & Other News

Germany Celebrates First Gay Wedding After Historic Vote

“Germany celebrated its first same-sex weddings Sunday, after a new law came into force putting gay and lesbian couples on an equal legal footing with heterosexual couples.

Town halls in Berlin, Hamburg and elsewhere opened their doors to mark the event, made possible by a surprise vote in Parliament three months earlier.

“We’re making a single exception to fire a symbolic starter pistol because same-sex marriages are possible from today,” said Gordon Holland, a registrar in Berlin’s Schoeneberg district.” New York Post

New Film Sheds Light On A Less-Heralded Aspect Of The Queer Experience

“ainstream films like “Philadelphia” and “The Dallas Buyers Club” have undoubtedly raised awareness of HIV/AIDS issues ― to varying degrees of success ― in Hollywood. Still, Matthew Puccini felt he’d never seen the routine, yet often stressful, act of being tested for the virus accurately portrayed in film. ” Huffington Post

In Brief: 7 Photos From ‘Calvin Klein’ By Calvin Klein

““I’ve always loved taking risks and pushing boundaries, whether the world was ready or not,” writes Calvin Klein in the introduction to Calvin Klein, a handsome new collection of the designer’s erotically charged images dating back to the mid-1970s, when Helmut Newton photographed Lisa Taylor staring down a shirtless guy—sexually provocative for its time, but also resonant of an era defined by the hedonism of disco and Studio 54.” Out

Nico Tortorella Strips Off For A Bath

“Younger star Nico Tortorella looks furry and delicious in beautiful new photographs shot by Olivier Simille​.” Instinct Magazine

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TitanMen: Dallas Steele and Liam Knox Flip Fuck – 2 Men Kiss

TitanMen: Dallas Steele and Liam Knox Flip Fuck - 2 Men Kiss

“How was the water?” asks a lounging Dallas Steele as beefy Liam Knox exits the pool. “Cold! Could you warm me up a little?” Their lips meet, their beards sliding against each other. Liam engulfs Dallas’s cock, the sucker’s boner peeking out of his trunks. The breathless Liam comes up for air and a kiss, sucking Dallas some more before offering his own cock. Inside, with his big boner grinding on the mattress, Liam eats Dallas before fucking him, the bottom’s cock pulsing up with each deep thrust.

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Nathaniel Buzolic, Australian Actor From The CW Shows The Vampire Diaries And The Originals, Alleged Naked Photos Hit!

Nathaniel Buzolic, Australian Actor From The CW Shows The Vampire Diaries And The Originals, Alleged Naked Photos Hit!

Despite the denials we smell a pretty little liar!

Aussie hunk Nathaniel Buzolic is the latest celeb that’s adding his name to the ever-growing list of famous dudes who like to take pictures of themselves sans clothes and all horned up. 33yo Buzolic, who has starred in CW shows like The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, was also a TV host in his native country.

A devout Christian of Croatian ancestry Nathaniel has been linked to a few actresses but there has also been (though never confirmed) rumors that he had an affair with Matt Dallas before his engagement to Blue Hamilton. Although his leaked photos don’t show his face there are a couple of details that could potentially prove that the alleged naked selfies are indeed his. First a very distinctive necklace (an scapular perhaps?) that he’s often seen using and a quite-easy-to-miss scar/freckle on his abdomen. And as for his junk, we have to say that it looks very thick!

Make the jump to see more of The Vampire Diaries actor Nathaniel Buzolic and let us know what does your instinct tell us about these alleged nude pics? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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TitanMen: Dallas Steele Fucks Matthew Bosch – Cauke for President

TitanMen: Dallas Steele Fucks Matthew Bosch - Cauke for President

Instead of preparing for the debate, the senator strokes his uncut cock—and is caught by chief of staff Dallas Steele. The senator sucks Steele’s dick, pulsing out of his dress pants. They kiss, Steele’s salt-and-pepper beard soon wrapped around Bosch’s beauty. The sucker continues to work it in bed, fingering Bosch’s hole as he services him. The senator sucks him back, then straddles him and sits down on Steele’s rod. “Fuck me hard!” he moans as Steele grabs and spreads his hairy cheeks, the bottom’s huge dick circling around as he rides.

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Pole Position: Men That Matter

Winner of GWiP Pole Position
Here're 8 Men That Should Matter To You This Week
We had a GuysWithiPhones special last week, and thousands of votes came in to crown this hawty who is both smooth and hairy. That popping vein on his member… Whoo! And his powerful looking hips look ready to be in some turbo fast thrusting action anytime.
And we’re back with regular Pole Position, with not so regular looks. Here’re eight men that should matter to you this week.

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Southern Strokes: Matt and Dallas

southern strokes matt dallas
It had been a few months since SoStro had talked with Matt when they got an email from him out of the blue. He did a great solo for them and they have been getting requests all the time to see him do more. They remembered Matt telling them when he did his solo that he really wanted to bottom for another guy. They knew immediately that they just had to see if Matt could take Dallas’ huge cock. This was definitely one of those shoots that was getting them horny just thinking about it.

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QColumn: A Gay In The Life: The Marlboro Man

QColumn: A Gay In The Life: The Marlboro Man
The Marlboro Man
By Steve Prince

Editor’s Note: After this, there’s only 3 MORE INSTALLMENTS OF AGITL! Prepare to kiss Steve goodbye!
“You didn’t bring boots?” Chad looked at me seriously.
“I uh…” I stammered. I was caught off guard. “I have boots, but I just didn’t think I needed them.”
My cousin looked at me disapprovingly. “Mmm-mmm,” he mocked with a smile. “You move to Los Angeles and you can’t even remember that when you go out in Texas, you wear boots.” He shook his head.
“Well, girl,” I said, “Where’re yours?”
Chad smirked and waved his hand in the air, as if waving away an annoying fly. “Cuz, you know I only wear Prada. Who the fuck wears boots?”
I knew he was kidding.
I couldn’t remember a time when Chad hadn’t kidded around. Even as a kid, I remember going to visit my Aunt Starlene (yes, Starlene) and her family in Dallas. Chad was the oldest of the kids, which made him only a year older than myself. From the moment we met, he and I seemed to be kindred spirits—probably because he was a big ol’ Mary like me. Seriously, I think being gay did have something to do with our connection; we both had a shared understanding of what it was like to be in our family and be different.
I sat on the bed watching Chad primp in the mirror.
“Is Brad coming?” I asked.
“He had to go to some work dinner,” Chad said with a smack of his lips. “He’s meeting us there.”
Brad was Chad’s boyfriend. Yes, Brad and Chad. I know it might sound a bit cutesy, but they actually were one of the most stable couples I have ever known. Brad and Chad had both met when they were seniors at the University of Texas in Austin. They’ve been together ever since. They both gave me some hope… maybe some relationships work out.
An hour later we both were out the door of Chad’s apartment. The strip of bars—known as the Drag of Austin—was only a fifteen-minute walk from Chad’s apartment. The early night air was still warm. Heat wafted up from the street as Chad and I chatted and talked and eye-raped the scenery.
Jeeezus. Texas boys were hotter than two rats fucking in a wool sock. The University of Texas should be called the University of Corbin Fisher. Seriously, the guys are ridiculous.
“Look at him,” I said as a tall, tanned blonde man sat at a nearby bar drinking a beer. He smiled at some girl across from him. Of course he’s straight, I assumed.
“Well,” Chad said, “it is Texas. Gotta play the butch part, but ya never know. Oh, check him out.” Chad pointed with a nod.
An Adonis of a man lumbered towards us and passed while chatting with friends. He looked like John Stamos from the 80s. Sooooo hunky. Chad and I looked at one another and smiled.
“Were almost there, girl,” he said.
I looked around. Not one gay flag was in sight; this was such a different place than West Hollywood.
“Where are all the gay bars?” I asked.
“Everywhere,” Chad said.

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TGIF! This Week’s Best Queer Clicks


The Top 10 Clicksas determined by QC editors and readers

10. Bel Ami: Giorgio Carrera and Gianni Fabia
9. Men At Play: Nathan Gets Lucky
8. Man Avenue: Steve Paradi
7. Corbin Fisher: Taylor
6. Randy Blue: Dallas and Xander
5. Sean Cody: Ivan and Alan
4. Dirty Bird Pictures: Brent Corrigan
3. Frat Men: Horse-Hung Dimitri
2. Hot House Backroom: Kennedy Carter
1. Corbin Fisher: Dru Fucks Cain

QC Asians
· Hot Mixed Race Model Denny Barros
· Japanese Cocks
· H0230: Noriyuki Nishimura (2)
· Top Gay Themed Mandarin Music Videos
· GWiP: Asian Hunks

QC Español
· El Chiqui descubre a Lalo y el Flaco en el Vestuario
· Stanley Stellar: Nico Urquiza
· Latin Boyz: Smiley y Joselito
· Bang Bang Boys: Gabriel Liarh y Rico
· Authentic Footballers: Matias

QC Twinks
· Spunk Starz: Tyler Banks
· RUTwinks: Zdenko
· Toegasms: Phillip and Ashton Cooper
· BFCollection: Leon
· Enigmatic Boys: Adil

· Club Inferno Dungeon: Jackson Lawless and Alessio Romero
· Naked Kombat: CJ v. Adam Knox
· Bound Gods: Nick Moretti and Jason Miller
· Club Inferno Dungeon: Evan Matthews
· Chaos Men: Nash and Hagan – RAW

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QColumn: A Gay In The Life: Summer Lovin’

QColumn: A Gay In The Life: Summer Lovin'
Summer Lovin’
By Steve Prince

I admit I have a terrible memory. It’s true. One of the best reasons to get into a relationship with me is that I won’t remember anything. Hence, if my significant other and I fight he can always say I said something and I won’t recall saying it or not. One would think that I’d write things down. I usually intend to, but then I forget. Go figure.
However, I did keep a diary when I was in middle school. From the ages of twelve to fourteen, I religiously wrote all my inner turmoil down on paper. This probably occurred because I had very few friends in middle school. As everyone was going through puberty and wanting to explore the opposite sex, I just wanted to hide away from the world in my room. Yes, I was that very, VERY dramatic gay teenager that just wasn’t understood by anyone. Thankfully, I grew out of it. Okay, some say I’m dramatic, but I haven’t the faintest clue what they mean!
I had forgotten how much my diary had meant to me until I was cleaning out some old boxes a couple of weeks ago. I’d decided to finally go through the huge box of mementos in the bottom of my closet. Once I wrenched the box free from the clutter of shoes and CD’s, I opened it to find my diary sitting on top just waiting to be opened.
As I flipped through it, memories flashed in my mind, both good and bad. And then I noticed something. I’d written in my diary every night, yet during June I’d not written for two whole weeks. Why the gap? I read forward to the weeks afterward but there was no mention of what had happened. Finally, I found a mention of meeting a friend at camp, and then I remembered…

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Open Kiev’s Cup For Bodybuilding

Open Kievs Cup For Bodybuilding
It may seem somewhat odd that despite the closeness, camaraderie, and competition, despite the bonding, nakedness, sweat, and showering that the realm of professional sports remains a closed system in regards to homosexuality. Think about it: who’s the last athlete you remember coming out, besides Matthew Mitcham (who got royally ignored by broadcasters and sponsors alike for doing so)? Chances are, especially if you’re American, that you can’t really remember the last out sportsman. Lesbians are OK, but gay men, they’re kept secret (just like the Dallas Cowboy Barrett Long supposedly blew).
So it always strikes us as especially strange, intimate, weird, hot (we dunno… all four?) when we see photos like these above (taken from the April 18th Ukraine Bodybuilding Competition held in Kiev) showing exceptionally muscular men, oiling each other up, hanging out in skimpy outfits, and comparing their physiques. It seems just about as homoerotic as you can get. Except that appreciation for the male body is timeless. Then one realizes that it’s homophobia that’s the newer beast… and one that keeps men from getting close, whether socially or sexually.
Thanks to QC Chinese for the pics.

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