Ashton Kutcher, You’ve Been Punked!

Ashton's hacked voice messages
Not sure how authentic this is, but at, you can listen to messages left on Ashton’s voicemail service which two blokes, Dave and Joey, had spent a weekend hacking into by keying in all possible four-digit permutations for a phone number which Joey’s sister, Kimberly, was given when she met Ashton Kutcher at Dolce earlier that day. The boys didn’t believe her of course. Until they hacked into the jackpot with the combination “7865”.
Amongst the messages, were messages from possibly an irrate Bruce Willis, a sweet Bruce, a drug dealer(?)…
…But the one which you’d no doubt be most interested in will be this one where a moist chick describes in detail how much she enjoyed giving him a blowjob the previous night. Apparently Ashton shot a big load (even “after all that fucking”) and having his underside of his cock drives him wild! She wants to bring along a girlfriend to recreate all that magic for their next session!
(Thanks for sharing the scoop, Alex!!)

Sep 24, 2005 By Editor D 2 Comments