CAPTION THIS! Winning entry will be chosen…

Bare Bear Server

We’ve puzzled until our puzzlers are sore, to paraphrase the Grinch. HELP US OUT and write a witty caption for this pic.

There are some obvious puns, but we’re really looking for the perfectly hilarious caption for this hunky Bare Bear seemingly in distress.

We’ll do our best to track your entries and then post the winning caption in the next several days. The prize? Just the satisfaction of knowing that you brightened the day of your fellow Queer Clickers (altruism). Or that you made their lattes squirt out their noses in a sheer riot of laughter (comedic genius). It’s the least you can do for a troubled world (guilt).

NOTE: You may continue to submit witty captions for this Bare Bear (hit “Comments” below), but the winner(s) have been chosen. See the subsequent post made Sept. 27 for the finalists and ultimate winner. –QC

Sep 24, 2005 By walt 52 Comments