The Handy Interactive Stroker: An In-Depth Review

The Handy Interactive Stroker: An In-Depth Review

If you’ve ever experienced job envy then this is the time! When we were approached by a high tech company to review The Handy Interactive Stroker how could we possibly say no?

Of course, when you think about it logically, the best place to thoroughly test any new male sex toy is with those who get their rocks off every day for a living! Well, they say it’s hard work but someone has to do it, right?

Jokes aside, The Handy Interactive Stroker is a product that exudes quality and punches well above its weight. Designed in Scandinavia by Sweet Tech, just opening the discreetly delivered package is a delight in itself. It’s almost like unboxing the latest Apple product – but perhaps even a bit sexier! The box alone is a high quality matte black with glossy images and product photos showing the contents with simple graphics of how it’s used. You can’t wait to get this box open!

The Handy Interactive Stroker: An In-Depth Review

What makes The Handy different to all the other sex toys and male masturbation devices out there? Well first of all, this definitely isn’t some cheap knock off, this has been designed in Norway and those clever Scandinavians have created something that is not only an amazing sex toy but it even looks sculptural… almost like a piece of modern art. It certainly wouldn’t look out of place in the modern home. But it’s not just aesthetics that make a great sex toy, it has to work and do the job in hand too. Sex toys have to hit the right spot while keeping it interesting and exciting and we have to say, this is where The Handy excels. It covers all of these bases and more!

Not only does it look good, but this clever piece of kit has so many different variations of how you can use it, we would challenge anyone to ever become bored using it. While incorporating the latest technology and a precision engineered brushless motor, it’s also the extra surprise features and how you can use them which really blew our minds. Using the simple to download app and with Wi-Fi enabled, you can let your partner take control of The Handy for amazingly intimate sessions. It’s incredible when you consider this can be used over long distances – your sessions don’t have to be solo anymore. The Handy has an adjustable size fit with their TrueGrip system, so it literally fits all types of people, shapes and sizes. But the fun doesn’t just stop there with either solo or partner use – it also works with 2D and 3D VR Videos and this is something that really has to be experienced. What you see is what you feel! How cool is that?

So what’s in the box? For starters, the design and packaging alone exude a quality that you know as soon as you slide open the cover, are not going to disappoint. Inside the box it’s all packaged very neatly with The Handy Interactive Stroker itself, True Grip band plus a True Grip sleeve, the extension cord and power adapter along with the correct region specific plug (each world region gets the correct power supply adapter and plug when you order). Also included is a handy “Quick Start” Guide which folds out, but they have also included a QR Code for those who wish to read the guide online.

Like most people, I’m quite averse to reading instructions and just wanted to play with my new toy right away! Looking at the controls I realized the simple and clear graphics and icons on the buttons really make it very intuitive to understand how to use. Of course the first thing this baby needs is to be powered up, but I was a little surprised to discover that The Handy does not have rechargeable batteries and is in fact designed to be used while plugged into the mains outlet. I am guessing this is perhaps because of a weight issue, the device itself feels quite substantial and solid with its built in motor and so initially it feels a little weighty, but nothing you wouldn’t get used to. Still, considering all the tech that’s been incorporated into this male masturbator it did seem a bit limiting that it only operates while plugged in. Not that it’s a major issue, I wasn’t planning on strapping it on and then going for a stroll – far from it! But being only powered up this way just means that when you use it you’re more likely to have it set up in your bedroom and on your night stand.

So, first things first and I plugged in the power supply and attached the power cord, this is a good 6ft (2m) in length so there are no issues there. Looking at the device controls they are very simple too use; Literally there is just an On/Off switch (which uses the international icon symbol to display that), Increase Stroke / Decrease Stroke buttons (up down arrow symbols), Increase Speed / Decrease Speed (forward / backward arrow symbols) and then there is a Wi-Fi / Bluetooth selector with an LED indicator below (this glows different colors depending on the mode and setting).

There are two main modes on how to use The Handy – Online and Offline. For offline use there is very little to do in the way of setting it up. The Handy always starts in offline mode so you don’t have to connect to the internet to play. The set up steps are quick and easy to follow, simply plug in the power supply, next insert your erect cock into the Sleeve, this is made from TPE silicone and one size fits all. Next you put The Handy on your abdomen and then attach the True Grip band around your cock (and sleeve). You can adjust the band easily with the velcro strap to make sure its secure and as tight as you want it. Then its a simple case of pressing the Power button on and adjusting the speed and stroke length to your own liking. It couldn’t be easier and it’s very quick to set this up once you have practiced this only one or two times. The fun thing about jerking off using The Handy this way is that you have total control of the speed and stroke length and even the position on your cock shaft where those strokes happen too. It feels very realistic with the silicone sleeve gripped around your erect cock, but once you have set it up now you find you have a pair of hands to do other things and enhance the play time session even more. This could be anything from nipple play with both hands or even using another toy, perhaps a vibrator, dildo or other anal device? This is next level jerking like you’ve never experienced before, and with the silicone sleeve gripping your penis and The Handy doing all the stroking it’s as though you have another person there masturbating you. In fact you could say, you’ve just found your new jerk off buddy who is always going to be there to help you out!

It’s been during these masturbation sessions and while using The Handy that your imagination starts to fire up and think of different scenarios on how you can use this device… the possibilities are very intriguing, exciting and almost limitless!

But let’s not forget, The Handy can also be used in Online Mode too. This is when The Handy really starts to excel and rise above all the other sex toys on the market. Enabling this for online use opens up a whole range of possibilities, whether connected to video, VR in 2D or 3D or giving control over to a partner who is either there with you or operating it remotely from another place. They could even be in another country, as long as they can connect via the internet and you have given them permission and access then they can operate the device remotely. Imagine being at home while your partner is away, perhaps on a business trip, or maybe just at work and you’re feeling horny? Send them a message and within seconds they can be jerking you off, long and slow, fast and short, however they want to control the pleasure!

To set up The Handy in Online Mode first you need to install the HandyConnect app (available for both iOS and Android). While this only took a few seconds to download and install, setting up the device for Wi-Fi and connecting was a bit more challenging. In all fairness it could have been my phone set up, you need to first make sure you have enabled connection with Bluetooth devices. Also be prepared with your Wi-Fi password ready to enter during the set up stage, plus it’s a good idea to have a pen and paper ready to make note of the unique connection code which is generated by the app during the set up process. This unique connection code is used to connect your device to the website.

So this is where the real fun begins! Once you have correctly completed setting up your Handy for Online Mode the next step is to go to the website HandyFeeling. This is where you follow three simple steps to enter a new world of interactivity – just connect your Handy to your Wi-Fi (which is a simple press of one button), then set the Connection Key and then head over to the Remote Function page. This is where you or your partner will be able to control The Handy over the internet. Before you try it out, first we checked our synchronization and lag time to ensure The Handy was calibrated correctly and set up optimally. Personally I would recommend doing this part of the set up without having your dick already strapped in the device as you might find it a bit startling! But this set up is only done once and then you proceed over to the Remote Control page where you quickly realize that this is really going to be a lot of fun!

The Remote Control page for The Handy at a Distance is where your partner needs to be. On this page the unique Connection Key is entered – this is the code given during online set up process. If you didn’t write it down you are also able to copy into your browser during the set up and simply past the code into the entry box and press connect. And Wow! now you can use the buttons on the screen to control The Handy! And its definitely worth spending a bit of time getting used to the controls online and have a practice run. This is something you should run through with your partner too if you are going to give them access and control so that they can play with you remotely. This page gives very clear graphics as to the speed, position and stroke length that The Handy its operating at. Visually you can see via the graphics what’s happening with the device and you can use the sliders to move the position of the masturbation movement up and down the shaft, right to the tip and down to the base of the penis shaft. It’s really quite a versatile and interesting machine and the more you play with the controls then the more your mind starts imagining all of the new different scenarios you could use this with a partner operating it remotely. And just in case your partner isn’t there (or if they are wanting a bit more versatility) you can also use the Random Stroker page! This is another amazing set of features which can control The Handy randomly, or tease you; it even has controls to emulate Blow Job, Deep Throat and Pause functions (for those edging sessions perhaps?).

You could in fact use the remote controls yourself while you’re playing solo as there are so many more features such as hot keys and short cuts you can use in this mode. Or perhaps you’re both in the bedroom and playing with your partner in bondage or edging them? You could be sitting on the other side of the room and operating The Handy while you pleasure them or you could even be thousands of miles away! So there is plenty of scope for all types of play.

And the features don’t just stop there, the HandyFeeling website opens up a plethora of new options, with a whole community engaged using Handy’s. Not only is there the Community Showcase but there are Video Services and a Local Video Player were you can synchronize your own videos too. And talking of videos, there are also links there to an ever growing list of adult content websites that you can connect your Handy to and enjoy those experiences. While the majority of these websites are straight (heterosexual) content, Sweet Tech the makers of The Handy have just announced a gay male specific site called SensesGays in which you can connect your Handy and enjoy a truly engaging and connected 4D gay male experience!

So should you buy one? Well, if you’re open minded, like to try new things and perhaps already into your sex toys, then this is a must to take things to the next level. If its your first time at buying a male masturbation device you can’t really go wrong with this. It’s the type of toy that you can start off quite simply using on your own and then build up to the more sophisticated levels of use and with having partners control you and/or being connected and synced with other adult movies for that fully immersive and VR experience. It has to be said, that The Handy isn’t a cheap sex toy, but when you consider the quality, the technology and the almost limitless options you get with this device then we say its value for money. It comes with a full one year warranty and our only minor criticisms would be that 1) perhaps a few different sleeves could have been included in the original box rather with just the single one (there are several different shaped sleeves available from their website but these are at extra cost) and 2) perhaps in the future The Handy will come with rechargeable batteries so it doesn’t have to be used with the power cord. But neither of these criticisms are deal breakers… we would still want to own one of these toys!

In conclusion, best of all we like the versatility of this machine and we love the fact that Sweet Tech, the manufacturers, are committed to making The Handy the best male wank device on the market. They have a constant variety of new website partners signing up for The Handy and for you to synchronize to, all of which make The Handy the future proof sex toy. Plus they are always coming up with new innovations and ideas how to integrate this sex toy with regular upgrades to the firmware and software. To celebrate the launch of the latest version of The Handy, from now until March 31st they are offering a generous 15% discount!

To claim your 15% discount use the code NEWBOX1.1 when ordering The Handy!

To claim your 15% discount use the code

For further resources and information, visit the interactive community at HandyFeeling and to see further demonstrations visit their YouTube Channel.

Get your hands on The Handy now!

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