The Handy – Sleeves – Dream Collection

The Handy Sleeves Dream Collection

When Sweet Tech designed The Handy, we were privileged enough to be able to test it and write a full in-depth review. One of the many features we loved about their new masturbation device was the interactive features and that it could be operated remotely via the web and Wi-Fi. We also loved the fact that Sweet Tech were constantly upgrading The Handy with new software updates too.

Now, they have launched their new Dream Collection, which is a set of three unique sleeves called Touch, Lips and Lotus. Designed to work in conjunction with The Handy, we were happy to receive The Dream Collection so that we could test these too.

The Handy Sleeves Dream Collection

The Dream Collection Sleeves are made from the same high quality thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) as their standard sleeve (TrueGripTM Original Sleeve, which comes included when you purchase The Handy), and they still have their unique universal size and grip. But this is where the similarity ends. These sleeves have been designed to emulate the feeling of a hand job, oral and penetrative sex. You can see from the unique shapes inside the sleeves how much thought and work has gone into their designs.

Each sleeve can be purchased separately or as a set and they arrive in beautiful packaging, which includes a unique “capsule” like protective case. You can see and feel the textures and density of the TPE that have been formulated to mimic hand, lips and also a vagina. But we were a little surprised that there was no anal sleeve. Perhaps this is something they will create in the future and this is positive feedback we have given to Sweet Tech. Don’t forget about us guys too!

The Handy Sleeves Dream Collection

As part of my tasks here at QueerClick I get to test out new toys, so off to work it was with these new sleeves. I already have my own Handy so fitting the sleeve and attaching the device was no problem at all. It is fair to say that the material, grip and feeling are very realistic and you can tell right away this is a quality product and it’s going to do the job in hand. It is highly recommended to use a water-based lubricant with the sleeves. After lubing up, it was time for some action!

The Dream Sleeve “Touch” delivered a perfect hand job! The grip felt just about right, (perhaps a little more rigid than the standard sleeve) and I am already used to adjusting and altering the speed and stroke of The Handy. I had a lot of fun trying different types of “hand job” with this sleeve. If you have ever used a sex toy like this you will know what I mean when you have that explosive orgasm – definitely next level!

When it came to using the The Dream Sleeve “Lips”, I could sense right away that this material had been designed with a different consistency and the sleeve itself was slightly smaller. This sleeve tends to suck you in and is supposed to mimic oral sex. Well, every blow job is different – it depends on how a person uses their lips and tongue – but the stimulating feeling on my frenulum and glans was certainly unique and mimicked elements of having your dick sucked. I encountered a range of sensations and again it was a unique experience that delivered another explosive orgasm!

The Handy Sleeves Dream Collection

It’s hard work testing all of these, but was I really going to try out The Dream Sleeve “ Lotus” which mimics a vagina? Without going into detail on this one, let’s just say someone had to take it for the team!

From a practical point of view, these sleeves are easy to clean and keep hygienic, a quick wash with soap and water and after air-drying, they can be stored safely in their individual plastic capsules until your next session.

The Dream Collection sleeves are a must have addition to The Handy owner, but please dear Sweet Tech can you make an anus version for us guys too?

For more information on The Dream Collection visit their site.

For an in-depth review of The Handy please see our article.

Jul 03, 2022 By Dave 1 Comment