Caden – A Rub & A Tug at

Caden - A Rub & A Tug at
Caden was said to be the most unpretentious, genuine person CB has worked with. As you’ll hear him say, he’s a “country boy” who hasn’t been living in the Valley very long. Here for school with a wife & child back home in one of those “Bible Belt” states, CB found Caden on his favorite sex & swingers site (that’s where he always finds them).
Caden was intrigued and conflicted all at the same time when CB did his hardselling to get him on CAUSA during a webcam session. So, CB continued to raise the rate of compensation and tell him how much the site members would love to see such a cute, furry guy.

Caden - A Rub & A Tug at
By this time, Caden was hard & stroking for CB, and when he reached to grab his cum towel, CB typed, “STOP! DON’T CUM YET!” Then he raised his rate of pay one more time, and he asked what was the address!
It was midnight, and this compact, furry hottie was on his way over to CB’s to shoot a video!
This shoot will definitely go down as one of the all-time favs because:
1) Caden is so darned cute, natural, & real that you can’t help but want to hang out & play with him all damned day
2) you are able to visibly see Caden’s confliction
3) the erotic massage that he is receiving is physically & emotionally overwhelming to Caden, and
4) finally you see him give in to the pleasure and the raw physical & emotional eroticism begins to exude from him.
As soon as Caden stops holding himself back, the guttural grunting and groaning begin, his hips start the thrusting, and his orgasm catches them both by surprise.
Enjoy Caden’s ClubAmateurUSA debut!
P.S. Watch through to the end credits and listen to Caden’s comments about the experience after he thought filming had stopped.

Nov 16, 2006 By Ken 3 Comments

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