Gay Bloggies: Let the Battle Begin!

Gay Bloggies: Let the Battle Begin!
Hello peeps! Welcome to the 2008 Gay Bloggies! Through the next few weeks, I, Toby, shall be your humble Master of Ceremony (the boys at Team QC said I had been vacationing way too much lately and I concur so let’s just say I purposely drew the short straw!)
So here we have our Top 12 Blog Warriors, all shiny and ready to pit their blogging prowess against one another. What’s going to happen in Battle Royale? I’m so nervous just thinking about it my little paws are trembling…
We’ll be dishing out Challenges (ranging from the intellectual to the silly and somewhere in between, some time-sensitive, some not) and after each one, we’ll be booting one fella blogger outta the race based on popularity.
Here’s where you come in, dear QC readers. On each Bloggies post, there’s a big thumbs UP-and-DOWN button. You get to chose who gets the boot after each Challenge, so give a thumbs UP for those Challenge entries you like and thumbs DOWN for those who didn’t quite hit the mark. You may wish to wait until you see all the responses before you chose to vote. We’ve all watched enough reality programmes to be well-schooled in how all this works.
The boys at QC launched these Gay Bloggies to have fun, so by all means, join the festivities, comment on the posts and vote for your favorites.
We’re going to start with an easy peasey challenge for everyone to get to know our twelve contestants better. Head on over to the Gay Bloggies 2008 Battle Blog to see for yourself.
Let the battle begin!

Nov 08, 2007 By aaron 3 Comments

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