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Gay Bloggies 2007 – It’s A Wrap!

With the cash prizes all delivered into our winners’ pockets, we’d like to seal the Gay Bloggies and put it away until the next one. And we promise to sleep on the constructive (please up the tempo, be more transparent) feedback and make the next one better!
We would like to thank our sponsors for this year’s Gay Bloggies. Without them this would not have been possible.
Presenting Sponsor: Aussiebum
Platinum: College Dudes 24/7, First Auditions, Randy Blue, Sean Cody, Military Classified.
Gold: Perfect Guyz, Straight Hell, Rugger Bugger, You Love Jack, Famous Males.
Silver: By Gone Boys, Muscle Adonis, The Guy Site, CFNM, Eric Deman, Straight Lads, Up Yer Kilt.
Media: Sirius OutQ Radio – The Derek and Romaine Show
Also, special thanks to our crew of talented Gay Bloggers! We know it was a time commitment for you all to participate and we thank you for making it great.
Pierre Fitch, Pierre Fitch Blog
Richard, Proceed at Your Own Risk
D. Michael, CitizenDanger
Fausto Fernos, Feast of Fools
Frank, OMG Blog
Craig, Puntabulous
BryanBoy, BryanBoy
Arjan, Arjan Writes
Scott Anthony, Scott Anthony
Ernie, Little. Yellow. Different
Chris, About A Boy and His Briefs
Dan Renzi, How Was Your Day Dan?
After 8 weeks, 12 challenges, and alot of mud slinging amongst the blogger supporters here are the winners of the Gay Bloggies 2007.
In 6th place – Ernie, Little. Yellow. Different (site memberships)
In 5th place – D.Michael, CitizenDangerX ($25 USD + site memberships)
In 4th place – BryanBoy, BryanBoy ($50 USD + site memberships)
Total votes from challenges 10, 11, and 12 were counted and decided the final top 3 winners of the competition.
In 3rd place – Craig, Puntabulous ($100 USD + site memberships)
In 2nd place – Fausto Fernos, Feast of Fools ($1,000 USD + site memberships)
Which means our winner, and recipient of $2,500 USD and TONS of free porn, is…
In 1st place – Frank, OMG Blog
This was a great (learning) experience and the entire QC Team would like to thank everyone for their participation. And mudslinging. Until Gay Bloggies 2008, this is Toby the wonderpooch signing out. Ciao woof ciao!

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Gay Bloggies Elimination 7

Gay Bloggies Elimination 7
We saw their takes on The Hottest Guy and the votes have been tallied. A major brauhaha brewed over OMG Frank’s post. Whether it was a sly jab in BryanBoy‘s ribcage or a genuinely heartfelt choice, the two boys aren’t at the bottom 3 this Challenge! So we say smart move! Remember, strategic planning may be the key to winning this game.
Our Bottom 3 for Challenge 7 are: Fausto, Ernie, and D.Mike.
Who got the boot?

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Gay Bloggies Challenge 6: Create A Short Film

Gay Bloggies Challenge 6: Create A Short Film
We tasked the remaining seven to get behind the lens (but most ended up both in front and behind, these boys are flexi!!) to create a short film of no more than five minutes. The results are interesting – From Fausto’s very messy kitchen table top to Frank’s record spinning (except the record was something else, Meow!) to Bryanboy’s hilarious ode to Marc Jacobs to a very cool-looking D. Mike in his kuruma. We also get to be in bed with Chris (not sure if his briefs were on), see Craig shoot blanks (uh huh) in his backyard and how can we forget Ernie’s very first gay porn, his tribute to us!?
The guys put in alot of hard work (some forgoing sleep), so please lend them your support, and start thumbing!

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Gay Bloggies – Elimination 3

Gay Bloggies - Elimination 3
Speaking of guilty pleasures, I think one of mine is booting someone off after each Challenge!! I was just joking. It’s actually very difficult and if it’s up to me, I’d like for everyone to stay!
Let’s get down to the tally! Here are the bloggers who got the lowest votes for the Guiltiest Pleasures Challenge, in no particular order:
Chris, About a Boy and His Briefs
Richard, Proceed at Your Own Risk
Scott Anthony
Find out who got the boot! It caught us by surprise!

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Gay Bloggies – Goodbye Arjan + Guiltiest Pleasures

Gay Bloggies - Elimination 2 & Challenge 3
A quick progress update about the blogmatch over at GB07. The votes have been tallied and Arjan got the boot after Challenge 2: Nature vs Nurture. Hopefully we’ll inch closer to an answer within this lifetime, but until we get there, this topic is relevant and worth some mud wrestling cos it is the basic premise in which many conservative communities reject embracing their gay counterparts. For these people, who had the luxury of never having to “choose”, they view it as a lifestyle choice for us.
If you haven’t already done so, do check out the various viewpoints of our bloggers regarding this topic. Some really great points and personal experiences shared.
Gay Bloggies Challenge 3 - Guiltiest Pleasures
We’re down to 10 blog warriors now, and for Challenge 3, they’ve been tasked to indulge us in their Guiltiest Pleasures. Remember to cast your thumbs up, or down. We don’t need to remind you to vote objectively, do we? Have fun with those thumbs down!

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Calling for Gay Bloggies Challenge Ideas

Calling for Gay Bloggies Challenge Ideas
We’re going into Challenge 3 at the Gay Bloggies and as with all things, we start off easy peasey. However, those gungho surviving bloggers are cooking up a storm wanting “heavier” challenges. They felt introducing themselves and confessions about guilty pleasures are for lil kindergarten kids. Looks like we have a Challenge on hand ourselves!
While we have a bag of Challenges lined up, we’re now opening it up to the floor to collect more ideas and hopefully be able to get some meaner, tougher, harder, throbbing Challenges that will truly test the capabilities of our bloggers, so we can set the good ones from the truly great ones. Tell us what you want the Gay Bloggies contestants to do. Be creative. But please, no suggestions about creating “a self-demo video about monkey spanking”. We already have that lined up. KIDDING!!
Please leave your ideas in the comments section. Thank you and if we decide to use any of your challenge ideas, we’ll let you know!

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Gay Bloggies Update: Challenge 1 Completed

Gay Bloggies Update: Challenge 1 Completed
WOOF! Hello peeps! This is Cadet Toby, giving y’all a roundup of all the witty action over at the Gay Bloggies 2007.
After a gentlemanly and mandatory round of self-intros (don’t worry no one got the boot yet), we’ve entered our very first Elimination Round –Challenge 1: Confess Something You’ve Never Written On Your Blog. This is when it gets exciting.
Read all twelve never-been-blogged-before confessions – including a bad and very literal case of chocolate overdose, finger-licking, hot dog buns, a 6-minute cellphone sex video, and an unwanted pregnancy!? – and cast your votes now.
We’ll be collecting votes until end of Tuesday, 13/11.
Who will get the boot, and which eleven will continue to battle for the top prize? Stay tuned.

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Gay Bloggies: Let the Battle Begin!

Gay Bloggies: Let the Battle Begin!
Hello peeps! Welcome to the 2008 Gay Bloggies! Through the next few weeks, I, Toby, shall be your humble Master of Ceremony (the boys at Team QC said I had been vacationing way too much lately and I concur so let’s just say I purposely drew the short straw!)
So here we have our Top 12 Blog Warriors, all shiny and ready to pit their blogging prowess against one another. What’s going to happen in Battle Royale? I’m so nervous just thinking about it my little paws are trembling…
We’ll be dishing out Challenges (ranging from the intellectual to the silly and somewhere in between, some time-sensitive, some not) and after each one, we’ll be booting one fella blogger outta the race based on popularity.
Here’s where you come in, dear QC readers. On each Bloggies post, there’s a big thumbs UP-and-DOWN button. You get to chose who gets the boot after each Challenge, so give a thumbs UP for those Challenge entries you like and thumbs DOWN for those who didn’t quite hit the mark. You may wish to wait until you see all the responses before you chose to vote. We’ve all watched enough reality programmes to be well-schooled in how all this works.
The boys at QC launched these Gay Bloggies to have fun, so by all means, join the festivities, comment on the posts and vote for your favorites.
We’re going to start with an easy peasey challenge for everyone to get to know our twelve contestants better. Head on over to the Gay Bloggies 2008 Battle Blog to see for yourself.
Let the battle begin!

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10 Lucky Gay Bloggies Voters

Are you a winner?
Hey there guys!! Did you vote at the recently concluded Gay Bloggies? If you did, pay attention!! This concerns the jack off aids we might be sending your way! We’ve handpicked 10 lucky voters (we promised 5 lucky winners initially, but that has doubled now!) and have emailed each with details on prize collection. So please look into your inboxes to see if you’re one of the lucky ones!!

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Gay Bloggies 2006 Winners

Gay Bloggies 2006 Winners
So here they are — The 24 “Cool As Click” winners for the very first Gay Bloggies!
The race was stiff (that’s how we like it, don’t we?) in almost all categories with Best Exhibitionist, Best Diva, Best Body, Best Smile, Best Podcast, Best Writing, and not to mention Best Weblog, seeing the most competition. QueerClick will like to thank everyone who’ve keenly participated in this event, and hearty congratulations to all winners. Kudos to the stellar nominees as well for not making it easy for the winners. You are amongst the very best! A huge thank you to our sponsors for supporting this with way scrumptious prizes which a gay boy can only dream of! And finally, the quintessential voters for sending in (and verifying) those votes!
We shall be in touch with the winners shortly. Till next year, be gay, be merry, be happy!
Best Personality
Best Smile
Brat Boy School
Best Body
Sexiest Queer Candy
Best Exhibitionist
AmateurHunk’s Blog
Best Diva
Bryanboy: Le Superstar Fabuleux
Best Porn Star Blog
Brent Corrigan Online
Most Gay Friendly
Margaret Cho
Best Writing of Blog
Proceed At Your Own Risk
Most Humorous Blog
Bryanboy: Le Superstar Fabuleux
Best Design of a Blog
Best Photography of a Blog
Oh la la Paris
Best Topical Blog
Best Podcast
Feast of Fools
Best Asian
Bryanboy: Le Superstar Fabuleux
Best American
Best African/Middle Eastern
Casual in Istanbul
Best Australian/New Zealand
Best Canadian

Best European
Oh la la Paris
Best New Blog
QC Favourite Pop Porn Award
Corbin Fisher
Lifetime Achievement Award
And the Weblog of the Year Award goes too….
[drums roll]

Weblog of the Year

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Gay Bloggies – It’s a Wrap!

Voting closed
For the voting that is! Thanks for your active participation over the past 2 weeks. Heck of a lot of votes have been received! It’s now tabulation time, and we shall be back with the winners list on the 15th November! See ya!

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Gay Bloggies – Let the Voting Begin!!

So who made it and who didn’t? There may be some surprises and disappointment… but for those who didn’t score a place in the final placement, there is always next year! We promise it will be bigger and better and we’ll be awaiting your participation.
There are a few changes we’ve made to the Categories. The “Best UK/Irish Blog” category has been merged with “Best European Blog”, and for the “Best African/Middle Eastern Blog” we only have 4 contenders who made the cut. The Lifetime Achievement Award winner will be revealed together with the rest of the winners.
Voting is open for a period of 10 days, closing on 10th November 2006 (2359hrs).
5 lucky voters will win site memberships and videos from our sponsors! Which means you stand a chance. SO ROCK YOUR VOTE AWAY!

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Gay Bloggies Smoochies

Nominations are rolling in, babes! And thanks to the following people for spreading the Gay Bloggies around:
AmateurHunk’s Blog
Bryan Boy
Blue Is Beautiful
Casual In Istanbul (and thanks for the very beautiful birthday card, Ali and Mehmet!)
The Coterie of Zombies
Dudes I’d Like To Fuck
Modern Fabulousity
Queer Moments
3 more days to closing of nominations. Act fast!

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