Calling for Gay Bloggies Challenge Ideas

Calling for Gay Bloggies Challenge Ideas
We’re going into Challenge 3 at the Gay Bloggies and as with all things, we start off easy peasey. However, those gungho surviving bloggers are cooking up a storm wanting “heavier” challenges. They felt introducing themselves and confessions about guilty pleasures are for lil kindergarten kids. Looks like we have a Challenge on hand ourselves!
While we have a bag of Challenges lined up, we’re now opening it up to the floor to collect more ideas and hopefully be able to get some meaner, tougher, harder, throbbing Challenges that will truly test the capabilities of our bloggers, so we can set the good ones from the truly great ones. Tell us what you want the Gay Bloggies contestants to do. Be creative. But please, no suggestions about creating “a self-demo video about monkey spanking”. We already have that lined up. KIDDING!!
Please leave your ideas in the comments section. Thank you and if we decide to use any of your challenge ideas, we’ll let you know!

Nov 20, 2007 By Editor D Write a comment!

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