Gay Bloggies – Goodbye Arjan + Guiltiest Pleasures

Gay Bloggies - Elimination 2 & Challenge 3
A quick progress update about the blogmatch over at GB07. The votes have been tallied and Arjan got the boot after Challenge 2: Nature vs Nurture. Hopefully we’ll inch closer to an answer within this lifetime, but until we get there, this topic is relevant and worth some mud wrestling cos it is the basic premise in which many conservative communities reject embracing their gay counterparts. For these people, who had the luxury of never having to “choose”, they view it as a lifestyle choice for us.
If you haven’t already done so, do check out the various viewpoints of our bloggers regarding this topic. Some really great points and personal experiences shared.
Gay Bloggies Challenge 3 - Guiltiest Pleasures
We’re down to 10 blog warriors now, and for Challenge 3, they’ve been tasked to indulge us in their Guiltiest Pleasures. Remember to cast your thumbs up, or down. We don’t need to remind you to vote objectively, do we? Have fun with those thumbs down!

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