Gay Bloggies Challenge 6: Create A Short Film

Gay Bloggies Challenge 6: Create A Short Film
We tasked the remaining seven to get behind the lens (but most ended up both in front and behind, these boys are flexi!!) to create a short film of no more than five minutes. The results are interesting – From Fausto’s very messy kitchen table top to Frank’s record spinning (except the record was something else, Meow!) to Bryanboy’s hilarious ode to Marc Jacobs to a very cool-looking D. Mike in his kuruma. We also get to be in bed with Chris (not sure if his briefs were on), see Craig shoot blanks (uh huh) in his backyard and how can we forget Ernie’s very first gay porn, his tribute to us!?
The guys put in alot of hard work (some forgoing sleep), so please lend them your support, and start thumbing!

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