Gay Bloggies Update: Challenge 1 Completed

Gay Bloggies Update: Challenge 1 Completed
WOOF! Hello peeps! This is Cadet Toby, giving y’all a roundup of all the witty action over at the Gay Bloggies 2007.
After a gentlemanly and mandatory round of self-intros (don’t worry no one got the boot yet), we’ve entered our very first Elimination Round –Challenge 1: Confess Something You’ve Never Written On Your Blog. This is when it gets exciting.
Read all twelve never-been-blogged-before confessions – including a bad and very literal case of chocolate overdose, finger-licking, hot dog buns, a 6-minute cellphone sex video, and an unwanted pregnancy!? – and cast your votes now.
We’ll be collecting votes until end of Tuesday, 13/11.
Who will get the boot, and which eleven will continue to battle for the top prize? Stay tuned.

Nov 13, 2007 By Editor D 1 Comment

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