QC Exclusive: Trapped in the Game Behind the Scenes with Aaron Mark

QC Exclusive! Behind the Scenes with Aaron Mark in Trapped in the Game
We’re really excited about the Lucas Entertainment film, Trapped in the Game. It is loosely based on Jonathan Agassi’s move to Berlin with a wonderful, mysterious twist of intrigue and … well, really hot sex. And we’re excited to get another exclusive sneak peek behind the scenes. This time with the very sexy Aaron Mark and he answers some of his questions. We love the answer to the very first one! And his scene with fellow thug, Carsten Andersson is beyond hot. Watching these guys and their amazing bodies makes us instantly hard. Trapped in the Game is available online and on DVD through Lucas Entertainment.
If you’re curious to see more about Trapped in the Game on QC:
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Nov 22, 2010 By redmonkey 4 Comments

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