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Raw Road Nation: Aaron Mark and Manuel Scalco

Raw Road Nation: Aaron Mark and Manuel Scalco

This real hard tatted plumber gets disturbed whilst on the job on Raw Road Nation and that makes him truly pissed off and so he takes it out on the client’s throat and ass in a truly incredibly nasty fuck scene. A tradie from hell with a chip on his shoulder, with attitude to spare and a vicious dick decides when he wants a customers ass he is gonna get it.
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Lucas Entertainment’s Trapped in the Game is available

Lucas Entertainment's Trapped in the Game is out now!
It’s out! That’s right, the much anticipated, Trapped in the Game is available as a download or on DVD for you to jack your cock to! The new film centers around Jonathan Agassi’s true-life move to Berlin after his success in the porn industry. But as soon as he arrives Jonathan is drugged, stripped and thrown into an intense race against time by a maniacal puppet master. Jonathan has no choice but to play in a psychological sex-maze of life, death and heart-pounding fucking!
Michael Lucas should be proud of this new film. “The script was grueling and it demanded a new level of intensity which everyone exceeded,” said writer Nate MacNamara. “We chased though parking garages and down the streets of Berlin, filmed half-naked in the rainy packed plazas, took over a downtown bar, locked Jonathan Agassi in a car on active railroad tracks, commandeered an abandoned factory and in the end the result is truly an amazing Hollywood style action thriller with aggressively hot sex!” The movie features Jonathan Agassi, Adam Killian, Aaron Mark, Carsten Andersson, Giuseppe Pardi, Rob Nelson, Hugo Martin and Harry Louis and available to members of Lucas Entertainment and of course on DVD.
And we’ve got the full X-Rated version of the trailer, right here to get an idea of hot these sex scenes really are:

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QC Exclusive: Trapped in the Game Behind the Scenes with Aaron Mark

QC Exclusive! Behind the Scenes with Aaron Mark in Trapped in the Game
We’re really excited about the Lucas Entertainment film, Trapped in the Game. It is loosely based on Jonathan Agassi’s move to Berlin with a wonderful, mysterious twist of intrigue and … well, really hot sex. And we’re excited to get another exclusive sneak peek behind the scenes. This time with the very sexy Aaron Mark and he answers some of his questions. We love the answer to the very first one! And his scene with fellow thug, Carsten Andersson is beyond hot. Watching these guys and their amazing bodies makes us instantly hard. Trapped in the Game is available online and on DVD through Lucas Entertainment.
If you’re curious to see more about Trapped in the Game on QC:
See the scene with Jonathan Agassi and Adam Killian.
Our exclusive QC interview with Jonathan Agassi.
And you can always see more at Lucas Entertainment’s Blog.

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