Was The King’s Speech Filmed On A UK Naked Men Porno Set?

Was The King's Speech Filmed On A UK Naked Men Porno Set?
Have you seen The King’s Speech? What?!! You haven’t? Why, it’s only up for a mere TWELVE Academy Awards and managed to snag a piddly SEVEN BAFTAs (the Bitch-Ass Fabulous Trophy Award… very prestigious). Well now the Oscars and the Bitch-Asses will have to come up with a new category for most versatile setting because it looks like key scenes of the award-winning movie were filmed in the same smut hole as scenes from UK Naked Men.
Don’t believe us? There’s more proof after the jump!

Was The King's Speech Filmed On A UK Naked Men Porno Set?
Just check out those skylights, those Palladian windows! What about those moldy furniture pieces that look like they were dragged out of a flooded bordello? And you can’t mistake those decaying walls—yes indeed we do declare—they shot The King’s Speech in a smut den!
That’s certainly no put down to UK Naked Men; they make some of the finest smut around! Just look at their muscular models as they strut around the Royal Speech Therapist’s office playing billiards and letting their junk swang to and fro! It impresses us all the more that Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, and Helena Bonham-Carter had the collective fortitude to imagine themselves in a regal version of My Fair Lady instead of in the donkey dick parlor of UK Naked Men.
Could Mr. Firth smell earthy chode rubbings mucking the arms of the furniture? Did Ms. Carter feel the sweaty undulations dripped onto the rotting walls of their decrepit hideaway? Did Mr. Rush taste the faint hint of semen and man-pussy in the air and think, “Ahhhhh! History!”? We may never know the answers to these deeply artistic questions. But we will tell you what we do know. That UK Naked Men filmed at least a jerk-off if not a major rimming and man-fuck scene in the same room as this Oscar Award nominated piece of high cinema! Both film makers should make note of it in their promotional materials.

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