Breaking: Singapore’s Dr. Joseph Ong Sex Scandal Exposed!

Singapore's Dr. Joseph Ong Sex Scandal
Hello Singapore! The seemingly sterile political scene has become much more entertaining while you were sound asleep. Dr. Joseph Ong, who was recently identified by The New Paper as the founder of the local political website Temasek Review, just got his spy cam sex tape with a prostitute exposed on the Internet!

A. Temasek Review?

Singapore's Dr. Joseph Ong Sex Scandal
Temasek Review can be considered a rare find for Singapore, as the political scene there is sometimes labeled as suffering from a serious lack of “citizen participation and involvement.” However, Temasek Review is also notorious because of their sharp criticism of the Singaporean Government, it’ allegations against many people and political groups, threats to sue opponents in Singapore and other hard tactics.

B. Dr. Joseph Ong

Singapore's Dr. Joseph Ong Sex Scandal
Being supposedly the man behind such a controversial and political website, it’s no surprise that Dr. Ong had chosen to keep his identity a secret. But once his he was identified, more and more of his private details were revealed – From the schools he graduated from to the exact clinic that he’s practicing medicine. And now, how bushy his tuff is.

C. Sex Tape?

Singapore's Dr. Joseph Ong Sex Scandal
Apparently the video landed on GutterUncensored’s hands via an email from a confidential source. And the source even stated that there’d be more videos to come! Ok, enough talk. Time for more juicy screen shots!
Singapore's Dr. Joseph Ong Sex Scandal
For those that prefer to see Dr. Ong in action, we have a galore of download links for you. Enjoy!
Format: WMV – File Size: 52.4 MB – Runtime: 9:59 minutes

So what do you think? Is it really Dr. Ong in the video? Is the release of the video an attempt to get back at him for all the things he had done through Temasek Review? Does anyone has a conspiracy theory to share? Let QC know!
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