TWIJOY “Night” In-Depth Test Review and Exclusive Giveaway with QueerClick!

When it comes to new products, especially sex toys, QueerClick is always ready and willing to try out the latest and greatest that comes to the market. We have always loved how adventurous porn is and how it embraces new technology. In many instances porn and the adult sex industry have been the pioneers in developing new platforms, apps, gadgets, film, streaming and leading to breakthroughs in new technology. And when it comes to sex toys there has been no holding back!

We were very intrigued when TWIJOY contacted us about their new interactive webcam male masturbator called the “Night”. Not only do we get to test their latest toy, but even better, TWIJOY, in collaboration with QueerClick, are promoting an exclusive FREE to enter giveaway contest for the Night. There will be TWO LUCKY WINNERS who get to own a ”Night” absolutely FREE!

But more of that later! First, lets tell all about this amazing revolutionary male sex toy.

So what is the TWIJOY “Night”? In one sentence it can best be described as an Interactive Long Distance Control Male Masturbator Sex Toy. We know that’s a bit of a mouthful, but its a description worthy of such a device.

When it comes to having a good ‘ole jerk off lets face it, we have probably tried out all different sorts of techniques and places right? And a lot of us like to use sex toys too – so a masturbation device like the “Night” that includes the latest technology is really taking things that next logical step in exploration and enjoyment.

You can be solo if you want to – but amazingly with TWIJOY’s app and their interactive software you don’t have to be by yourself anymore when you jerk off. You can literally plug in with a cam model remotely, anywhere world wide. And they can control the masturbator you’re wearing too! Imagine hooking up with your favourite adult model online in your own exclusive private session… totally awesome!

So what exactly is the “Night” and how does it work? Well we were very happy to receive ours by courier and TWIJOY even provides you with a link to follow the courier tracking to your door and it arrived a very discreet brown box. And when we say discreet we really mean that, the outer box is plain brown with simple labelling, bar code and tracking. This was securely packed with foam around the TWIJOY Night box, that was also shrink wrapped, ensuring it arrived in perfect condition. The box itself shows high quality images of the device with a list of the products dimensions and its features. A point to note here, is it’s a good idea to keep the shrink wrap as it has two QR Codes printed on it which include free tokens for camming too.

Upon opening the box you can tell a lot of thought and design has gone into product, the packaging it easily removed, yet designed to keep the toy in perfect condition for delivery. Feeling the weight of the device its just right, not too light and not too heavy (which is a considerable feat considering the unit contains rechargeable Lithium batteries. This masturbator has a quality feel… its rather sexy even before you put it on and your mind definitely starts imagining the times and places you’ll want to use this device.

But first things first, we put the unit on charge, this is simple enough with the included USB cable. The LED lights glow and pulse during the charging operation then hold steady when it is fully charged. Included in the box is a set of “bud” type wired earphones for discreet use when using the device and connected to another user/cam model. Also a small, but useful set of instructions, “Directions for Use” and tips on cleaning the device as well as downloading the app.

As mentioned there are two QR Codes on the shrink wrap, using each of these QR Codes you can choose to “Download the App” and also the “Connection Guide”. And another feature here is that when you connect with the App you get 300 Tokens FREE which can be used when connecting online with cam models. That’s a pretty good start we say!

It should also be noted at this point the model of TWIJOY Night that we received is for Android use only. The Android App has been approved and is fully functioning and while TWIJOY have already developed the iOS version of the App it has not yet been released as at this stage as they are currently awaiting approval from the App Store (watch this space as it should be soon). So while we were unable to test the iOS version yet, we have been assured by the developer it is as functional as the Android app and as easy to install too.

Once we had the toy fully charged up and ready to go then we were ready to try out our new male masturbator! As with all masturbators/sex toys we recommend using liberal amounts of water based lubricant. The material of the casing is a white shiny ABS plastic that is IPX7 rated so you’ll know that it is robust as well as waterproof. That said, it is advisable to disassemble the device for cleaning, which is a simple process of twist, turn and release the snap fit internal linings. These can then be easily rinsed with soapy water and left to dry. One of the design features we think is quite neat is that the device on your night stand could actually be mistaken for a water flask or drinking bottle, its quite a subtle and discreet object. It is only when you twist open the lid that you see inside the flesh colored linings which are made from TPE and this thermoplastic elastomer material really feels quite lifelike. This hygienic and easy to clean device couldn’t be more effective, simple, beautiful design and yet functional too.

So lets get going with this baby! The first thing to note is that the symbols on the control panel are very simple to learn and to operate. At the top there is a Power on/off button using the international symbol, then moving clockwise around the face of the Control Panel, it has a Rotate button, Pressure button, Sucking button and finally the Exhaust button in the center (which is a thumbs up sign) We found that the Exhaust button not only releases pressure from the unit but it can also be used to stop each function separately – It couldn’t be simpler! But we suggest you have a play around with the buttons first to get an idea of each function before fitting this to your own cock!

We also suggest, trying the device out “solo” first before hooking up with a cam model on line so that you’re used to all it’s functions, etc. Remember when you choose a cam model they will also be able to interact with you and the app and control the masturbator you are wearing.

So press and hold the on/off button for 2 seconds to start the device, remember to lube up the inside and your hard cock and then slowly fit the sex toy over your cock, all the way to the base if you can but even along the shaft we found the seal ring operated efficiently. Next start with the rotate button, this was actually quite a surprise for us, as most male mastubators use a stroking action but the TWIJOY “Night” uses rotating / pulsing / sucking actions. Each press of the Rotate button gives a new sensation, first with a slow swirl, then with each press increasing in speed then with a pulsation action. The top level of the rotate button also includes pulsation and reverse action, which felt a bit unusual at first be we quickly got used to it. In fact, we love that this masturbator doesn’t follow the age old convention of stroking with a push ‘n’ pull action, but goes for a completely new sensation – freakin’ awesome we say! The ribbed inner TPE lining while rotating and pulsing can only be described as an exceptional feeling.

So onto the the next button, which is an icon symbol of a set of lips. This is the pressure button and requires to be held down until the required level of suction is reached. We can say this alone is a marvelous experience and very life like, it can be used solo or combined with the rotate function. We also felt using the pressure button was a little like using a vacuum pump, it helped keep the erection rock solid pulling blood flow into the engorged member. My cock felt and looked visually bigger after using this, now that was a bonus I wasn’t expecting! Not suggesting that this sex toy is a Penis Pump but the suction effect did feel a little like a vacuum pump and plumped up my already hard cock to a new level.

Finally using the button marked M gave another surprise, this is the Sucking button, why is it labelled M? Good question, perhaps because it feels like Mmm…? For use the Sucking button felt more like a set of stepped vibration modes, but remember you can (and should) use this in conjunction with the Suction button. To add then the different variations and level of rotation and pulses with the Rotate button you start to get an idea of how versatile this sex toy is.

And to top it all off, this male masturbator can be controlled long distance via the app and online with your favorite cam model. Included in the price are 300 tokens that can be used with Cam2Cam when you sign up online. It’s worth having a go as its free and you get to explore and choose a model of your choice too! As mentioned earlier use the QR codes (or go directly to the TWIJOY website) and you can download and install the app, once you have signed up an account with Cam2Cam you can then select a model to interact with and don’t forget to add your FREE 300 tokens to get started! The thing we like about this is it adds a new dimension when interacting with a cam model, it’s actually great fun when they take control and start to masturbate you – a new level of enjoyment when camming and one we highly recommend!

We have to say, we have really enjoyed using the TWIJOY “Night” Male Masturbator, it’s definitely a lot of fun and easy to operate. While the case is made from tough ABS plastic and has a IPX7 waterproof rating, we would still disassemble it for cleaning (remember there are rechargeable batteries inside and electrics and motor too). We like that it has an unusual rotating mechanism rather than stroking, it’s one of the unique features that separates it from the other sex toys on the market. It’s certainly a device to change things up and add some variety to your wanking pleasure and we would love our readers to experience it too!

So, in collaboration with TWIJOY and QueerClick we will be giving away in our easy to enter contest TWO FREE TWIJOY “Nights” (both are Android versions) and each come with 300 Tokens to spend too!

To enter the competition and be in with a chance to win one of these Long Distance Control Male Masturbators readers need to leave a comment below saying why they would like to use and own a TWIJOY “Night” – that’s it, so simple! You may be as brief or detailed with your comment, funny, original, witty or serious all comments will be considered.

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Best of luck to all, and remember to get those comments and tweets in early – the contest closes on Saturday June 24th after which the two winners will be announced!

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EDIT: And the TWO lucky winners for the FREE giveaway with TWIJOY and QueerClick are…

Argentsly and Dexter Davidson thank you for your comments below and contacting us. Shipment has now been arranged for your TWIJOY Nights and will be with you soon!

Thanks to all who entered our FREE giveaway, and if you didn’t win this time, do not despair, QueerClick will have more giveaways in the future – best of luck!

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