TWIJOY “Night” In-Depth Test Review and Exclusive Giveaway with QueerClick!

When it comes to new products, especially sex toys, QueerClick is always ready and willing to try out the latest and greatest that comes to the market. We have always loved how adventurous porn is and how it embraces new technology. In many instances porn and the adult sex industry have been the pioneers in developing new platforms, apps, gadgets, film, streaming and leading to breakthroughs in new technology. And when it comes to sex toys there has been no holding back!

We were very intrigued when TWIJOY contacted us about their new interactive webcam male masturbator called the “Night”. Not only do we get to test their latest toy, but even better, TWIJOY, in collaboration with QueerClick, are promoting an exclusive FREE to enter giveaway contest for the Night. There will be TWO LUCKY WINNERS who get to own a ”Night” absolutely FREE!

But more of that later! First, lets tell all about this amazing revolutionary male sex toy.
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The Handy – Sleeves – Dream Collection

The Handy Sleeves Dream Collection

When Sweet Tech designed The Handy, we were privileged enough to be able to test it and write a full in-depth review. One of the many features we loved about their new masturbation device was the interactive features and that it could be operated remotely via the web and Wi-Fi. We also loved the fact that Sweet Tech were constantly upgrading The Handy with new software updates too.

Now, they have launched their new Dream Collection, which is a set of three unique sleeves called Touch, Lips and Lotus. Designed to work in conjunction with The Handy, we were happy to receive The Dream Collection so that we could test these too.
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Let’s Stop Using These Things As Lube Substitutes

Let's Stop Using These Things As Lube Substitutes

If you wanna get down and nasty, that does not mean that you have to really get gross and nasty. Of course, we want everything to run smoothly in sex that is why we use lubrication to ease things that need to be. But sometimes, curiosity comes in and we tend to be adventurous thinking that it would improve our “sexperiences”. One example is using anything that, you think or may have been said to you, can be substituted for lubricants.

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An Automatic Masturbation Machine Your Dick Will Thank You For!


Have you ever wondered how it feels to actually burst a thick load without wanking? Lets be honest, repeating the same routine of lubing up and stroking can be repetitive and less than stimulating sometimes. Having alone time should be very pleasurable and exhilarating. Every Time!

An American company Fleshligt4guys broke the internet when they launched a USB rechargeable automatic blowjob machine that does all the work for you, it has strong suction and 10 vibration speeds that automatically stroke your dick till you explode. It automatically heats up during use so it feels like a real human is going down on you , How good is that?

It feels warm and natural during use and you can select the stroking speed that you want and you can also delay orgasm so as to enjoy the pleasure for longer. If you would like to give it a try , you can go here to get one with free shipping . You can also check out their Instagram @fleshlight4guys

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The Seven Most Desirable Dildos Cast After Real-Life Porn Stars Cocks!

The Seven Most Desirable Dildos Cast After Real-Life Porn Stars Cocks!

Since the original real-life cocks are in such high demand, why not try one of their high quality clones?

A few days ago one horny QC reader kicked off the conversation when he reached out to the QCommunity collective wisdom with the intentions of finding the whereabouts of a legendary dildo inspired by iconic porn star Barrett Long. Unfortunately it seems that the elusive sex toy in question, cast in the shape of the winner of “Best Cock” at the Grabby Awards (and that was first released in 2008!), has now been discontinued as the site that had the exclusive rights of the replica is now defunct.

But fret not sex toy enthusiasts we have rounded up seven Porn Stars branded dildos that bring you one step closer to your favorite adult entertainers! Imagine being impaled by these monstrous phalluses ranging from 7 inches to a whopping 12″ super cock!

Make the jump to check out the Porn Stars who have the most desirable dildos and vote your favorite in the poll at the end… and don’t forget share your thoughts in the comments too!

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The Aneros: Big Loads Cum in Small Packages

The Aneros: Big Loads Cum in Small Packages
I used to work in a sex toy store. We had a wide array of dildos and butt plugs of all shapes and sizes on this huge set of shelves. We had everything from Oooh-This-Feels-Nice small to Holy-Fuck-Is-That-A-Fire-Hydrant XXL. Well, at least once a week some casual shopper would happen to pick up this small but interesting looking device in a package marked simply, Aneros. After reading that it was a prostate massager they would always look at the wall of giant dildos, back to the little white doohickey, and back to the wall of dildos. I could see the wheels turning and before they could even form the words to ask the question I would tell them that this was one of the hottest things they were ever going to shove up their butts. Yeah, I wasn’t big on subtlety. Then I would explain to them what I’m going to tell you now, the proper way to use the Aneros.

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