ChaosMen: Armani and Jonas – RAW

ChaosMen: Armani and Jonas - RAW
Armani did a fantastic job during his first Edge video with Bay. He said he would totally be down for bottoming, as long as the guy was not as hung as Bay. Bryan promised him a cock that would have less girth, but made no mention of length!
Jonas was the perfect candidate for taking Armani’s ass virginity. He stays confidently hard, doesn’t have to go balls deep to stay hard, and can monitor his depth. He is really patient at breaking in a new guy.
Jonas takes off Armani’s sneakers, give them a quick sniff, and then eagerly gets to his favorite part – sucking a cock!

ChaosMen: Armani and Jonas - RAW
When it came time for Armani to suck Jonas, Armani was relieved to see he wasn’t going to be sitting on a beer can! Jonas has got rimming down now, and knows how to tease a guy with his tongue. The ass eating alone got Armani in the ‘zone’.
On his very first fuck scene, Armani bust his nut from being fucked! It impressed Jonas, who still seems very reluctant to try bottoming. Armani told him it felt great, but Jonas had a look of disbelief on his face.
During Jonas’s creampie, Armani does encourage Jonas to put his cum inside of him. The dude is an amazing bottom!

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