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ChaosMen: Jonas Fucks Cliff – Bareback

ChaosMen: Jonas Fucks Cliff - Bareback

How about some Daddy/Boy love?!

This time out, Cliff, ChaosMen‘s resident Daddy, is the one being bossed around by perennial blond Boy, Jonas!

Jonas, who came out last year, has always favored working with other gay guys. He has a diverse taste in guys, so Bryan thought he would mix him with bearded and furry Cliff.

During Cliff’s solo interview; he stated he was a proud bottom, but his first sex video he wanted to Top. After being fucked by his boyfriend on film, he was ready to show the world just how good of a Bottom he could be with no strings attached.

There is certainly a lot of passion in this video, and you can tell that Cliff loves to sit on cock! Jonas had no problems keeping up with him, sliding his cock in his hole without mercy!

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ChaosMen: Gerard and Jonas Fuck Antonio Cervone – Bareback Threesome

ChaosMen: Gerard and Jonas Fuck Antonio Cervone - Bareback Threesome

This has got to be one of the best TagTeam or Pure videos on ChaosMen!

With Jonas now being an Out gay guy, Gerard‘s sexual intensity, and Antonio‘s submissiveness, this made for a perfect blend of three hot guys really into each other.

Both Antonio and Jonas love sucking dick, so the guys started with that. Gerard is a sexual dynamo and took turns sucking both his buddies while he got serviced.

They daisy chain suck each other, and after that Jonas gets first dibs at fucking Antonio’s ass. Antonio is thrilled to have both his holes filled.

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ChaosMen: Jonas Fucks Griffin – RAW

ChaosMen: Jonas Fucks Griffin - RAW
Jonas seems to smile his way through this video. It turns out Jonas was just super happy to be working with a gay guy, and not just any gay guy, but one who REALLY liked sucking dick. Every time his cock would disappear down Griffin‘s throat another wide smile would appear on his face. No one has ever worked his cock like Griffin.
If you have been following the Jonas summaries, then you know he is fascinated with porn videos of girls giving head. He likes it so much that he himself wants to do a good job when giving head, but after working with Griffin, he realized he was going to have to up his game. Homework!

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ChaosMen: Jonas Fucks Zarek – RAW

ChaosMen: Jonas Fucks Zarek - RAW
Zarek has turned into an awesome submissive Bottom Boy! Despite that he is really quite hung and would make a great Top, he tends to like to have the other guy in control. He is no longer just ‘taking’ a cock, but is enjoying having it hit is prostate.
To start this video out, Zarek does a lot of cock worshiping, but Jonas is equally pleased to be sucking Zarek’s fat cock.

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ChaosMen: Armani and Jonas – RAW

ChaosMen: Armani and Jonas - RAW
Armani did a fantastic job during his first Edge video with Bay. He said he would totally be down for bottoming, as long as the guy was not as hung as Bay. Bryan promised him a cock that would have less girth, but made no mention of length!
Jonas was the perfect candidate for taking Armani’s ass virginity. He stays confidently hard, doesn’t have to go balls deep to stay hard, and can monitor his depth. He is really patient at breaking in a new guy.
Jonas takes off Armani’s sneakers, give them a quick sniff, and then eagerly gets to his favorite part – sucking a cock!

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ChaosMen: Corban Serviced By Jonas – Check Out That Thick Dick!

ChaosMen: Corban Serviced By Jonas
“Wow, I just wish my cock looked like that!” Jonas said in a very impressed and slightly envious tone. Bryan didn’t count on Corban being so donkey-dicked when pairng him with Jonas.
Jonas LOVES to suck cock. His eagerness is really apparent, but he just doesn’t have the finesse down. Jonas has likely only sucked 6 cocks in his life, and even the best of us would find Corban’s thick rod a challenge. So cut him some slack, cuz he sure gave it the old college dorm try!

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Chaos Men: Alec and Jonas – RAW

Chaos Men: Alec and Jonas - RAW
There is just no guessing what these guys will be down for their first time filming!
Based on Alec‘s solo, Bryan thought for sure he would bottom. Then his Serviced video happened, and he talked more about topping and a little fearful of any ass play. So when he said he was down for more, and he would try bottoming to start, Bryan was actually surprised.
As for Jonas, he is now in the game fully, except bottoming. But rimming, fucking, sucking cock. He now acts like a pro and can take charge with a newbie.
The guys start off simple with the side-by-side jack-off, and Jonas looks eager to suck on Alec‘s fat dick. He gets his cock fully hard, and Alec was impressed.

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Chaos Men: Jonas and Wren – RAW

Chaos Men: Jonas and Wren - RAW
Wren continues to impress with the eagerness he throws into playing with a dude. At first glance, it seems he doesn’t have many limits, but it feels more like that he is just really relaxed and chill about everything. Just along for the ride.
Jonas is the same, especially when it comes to sucking dick. He loves to be serviced, and appears to really like to suck back.

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Chaos Men: Jonas and Theon – RAW

Chaos Men: Jonas and Theon - RAW
Jonas’s first time up to bat with a dude and he does awesome! It helps that Theon is a polished performer and guides him through his first time on the massage table.
Jonas seems to enjoy not only getting his cock sucked, but sucking it as well. For the porn he likes to watch to get in the mood, he sticks to girls sucking dick and getting a facial. It is apparent during the cock sucking that he is truly turned on by watching someone slide their mouth down his cock, and he is equally happy to service someone.
Theon gives his fantastic ass some special attention, and don’t worry, Bryan has already planted the notion that he should try bottoming. Given that Theon could easily take his cock, Jonas doesn’t seem as fearful that it is gonna hurt.

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Chaos Men: Glenn and Jonas – Serviced

Chaos Men: Glenn and Jonas - Serviced
Jonas totally threw himself into this video! He really wants to do more video, so he was not going to be shy about returning oral. He says it was his first time, and there is a bit of newbie-ness to his technique. But his skills ramp up and will make everyone wonder.
He does start-off pretty unsure as to what to do. He watches the porn playing, keeping his eyes glued to it. Jonas sneaks a peek occasionally at Glenn‘s cock. Takes him a little time to get hard, but once he was up, he was UP! Glenn reaches over and starts stroking him, while Jonas continues to watch the video playing. Still unsure what to do.
Glenn will take care of you dude. Relax!

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Chaos Men: Jonas

Chaos Men: Jonas
Jonas missed his outgoing flight, and instead of a nice 3 hour non-stop he ended up bouncing all over the country. Landing at about 10:30pm. Bryan was not too eager to go pick him up, cram his solo in, then get up again the next day to film a Serviced video. But once he landed, he was blown away by how hot he was. [And so are we!]
Jonas is sexy, adorable, hung with a left hook, and those blonde pubes are hot! They exactly match his spiky blonde hair on his head. And the blue eyes, can’t forget those! Amazing!

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