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ChaosMen: Jonas Fucks Cliff – Bareback

ChaosMen: Jonas Fucks Cliff - Bareback

How about some Daddy/Boy love?!

This time out, Cliff, ChaosMen‘s resident Daddy, is the one being bossed around by perennial blond Boy, Jonas!

Jonas, who came out last year, has always favored working with other gay guys. He has a diverse taste in guys, so Bryan thought he would mix him with bearded and furry Cliff.

During Cliff’s solo interview; he stated he was a proud bottom, but his first sex video he wanted to Top. After being fucked by his boyfriend on film, he was ready to show the world just how good of a Bottom he could be with no strings attached.

There is certainly a lot of passion in this video, and you can tell that Cliff loves to sit on cock! Jonas had no problems keeping up with him, sliding his cock in his hole without mercy!

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04 Nov 16 By Jo 6 Comments

ChaosMen: Ayer and Cliff – Serviced

ChaosMen: Ayer and Cliff - Serviced

Bryan had done a Solo and Serviced video with Cliff’s boyfriend Ayer earlier last year.

He said he and Ayer really liked to fuck aggressively, and he loved to take his fat cock. Not sure how long the two have been dating, but it has got to be at least 5-6 months now.

Cliff may not be a full-time Bottom, but he is indeed a Power Bottom! And wow, Ayer is a definitely a Power Top! Ayer rams him with his thick cock until sweat is dripping off of him.

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10 Aug 16 By Jo 2 Comments

ChaosMen: Cliff and Truman – Serviced

ChaosMen: Cliff and Truman - Serviced

Truman has been doing some of the Serviced videos, and Bryan was little worried about doing the massage table theme with him. There is a certain ceremony to it. He was wrong to be worried!

Cliff is gay so was turned on at the thought that Truman would be rubbing all over him.

Truman nails this massage theme. Oiling up Cliff, eating his ass, and sucking his hard cock like a pro. The daddy vibe is strong in this video, but also the chemistry between them is electric!

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04 May 16 By Jo 6 Comments

ChaosMen: Cliff

ChaosMen: Cliff

Cliff was a referral from Noah Riley.

He said he was mostly a top, and Bryan thought it would be great to have a top daddy to jump in with some of the younger guys.

Well during the interview, he says he is mostly a bottom. Turns out he discovered the joys of bottoming, and now is all about it. Though when he left the ChaosMen studio, he said whatever, top or bottom, would be just fine with him.

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25 Apr 16 By Jo 10 Comments