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Chaos Men: Bay and Sinclair – RAW

Chaos Men: Bay and Sinclair - RAW
Sinclair expressed that he is REALLY ready to jump into having sex with dudes. Meanwhile, Bay is always down to play with a dude, most especially if he is going to get his ass fucked.
The two start by stroking their own cocks, and as soon as Bay gets his fat cock and full attention, Sinclair quickly puts it in his mouth. Not to be outdone, Bay returns the favor.

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17 Aug 13 By Jo 8 Comments

Chaos Men: Allen and Sinclair – RAW

Chaos Men: Allen and Sinclair - RAW
This was an unexpected turn of events!
Sinclair ‘limped’ his way through his first sex film, but viewers were very excited by his solo and oral, so Bryan wanted him to keep trying. The second film the guys do, they usually expand their limits. Bryan convinced him he to try sucking dick, and he does a dang good job.
Allen then blows Sinclair until he is hard, and then proceeds to eat his ass out. Sinclair was getting into the rimming.

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22 Feb 13 By Jo 7 Comments

Chaos Men: Sinclair and Troy – RAW

Chaos Men: Sinclair and Troy - RAW
You can sure tell this is Sinclair’s first time wokring full-on with a dude. He still has that kind of “checked-out” vibe. Barely looking at the other model. So if you love straight guys nervously trying to his best to perform, you will love this video.
Troy is oblivious to the lack of eye contact and just goes on his merry way of getting him hard, sucking his long cock, and rimming his hole. He eventually climbs on top and rides Sinclair hard and fast.

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18 Jan 13 By Jo 6 Comments

Chaos Men: Sinclair and Tatum Parks – Serviced

Chaos Men: Sinclair - Serviced

As Bryan mentioned during Sinclair‘s solo summary, he was pretty nervous about working with a guy, so Bryan thought an Edge video sounded like a great way for him to cross that bridge, but he wasn’t down for any of the extra stuff that usually goes along with an Edge video.

So Bryan thought he would put the new bed straps to use, and he actually kind of like these modified Serviced videos, though not seeing their eyes does take a bit away.

Tatum does a fine job Servicing him, but Sinclair gets wobbly here and there like he did during his Solo. Tatum likes to rim, and as we learned from Sinclair, he likes his ass eaten!

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11 Oct 12 By Jo 14 Comments

Chaos Men: Sinclair

Chaos Men: Sinclair
Sinclair is a recovering “party boy” who spent his younger days likely giving his parents grey hair. He dodged some real trouble a couple times, and is now in the process of getting back on his feet.
He seems like the kind of guy that likes showing-off his body. He clearly works hard at it, and he is a natural exhibitionist.
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01 Oct 12 By Jo 10 Comments