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ChaosMen: Gerard Fucks Kodi – Bareback

ChaosMen: Gerard Fucks Kodi - Bareback

After taking some time off to do some world travel, Gerard is back!

He is always eager to fuck some ass, and with his energy and dom vibe, Bryan needed the right guy who can handle an intense fucking.

Kodi has been telling him he likes it rough, so Gerard was a perfect match-up.
Kodi’s ass gets red hot from all the spanking in this video!

They start with some passionate kissing, but Gerard is keen on getting his cock down Kodi’s throat. Kodi sure can deep throat a cock! Gerard will often bend over and suck on Kodi’s cock, making sure his Bottom is turned-on.

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07 Jul 17 By Jo 4 Comments

ChaosMen: Gerard Fucks Phineas – Bareback

ChaosMen: Gerard Fucks Phineas - Bareback

Add one Power Bottom to one Power Top, and you get one of the hottest duos to end out 2016!

By now, we all know both Gerard and Phineas are Elite performers, with perfectly matched skills!

Gerard DOMINATES in this video, keeping Phineas balls wrapped tight and easy to smack around. Phineas is obedient and services him completely.

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23 Dec 16 By Jo 2 Comments

ChaosMen: Gerard, Santino and Wren – Bareback TagTeam

ChaosMen: Gerard, Santino and Wren - Bareback TagTeam

Yet another super hot TagTeam video!

These 3-ways have been scorching hot! Perhaps it is Gerard and his crazy sexual energy. Or is it because Santino is fascinated by Gerard’s big cock? Or could it because Wren, who has been hitting the gym, has a sharp new hair cut that harkens back to when he first got started?

Wren is the bottom boy in this video, with Santino taking some cock as well. Gerard and Santino start by servicing their bottom. Santino attacks his cock, while Gerard rims Wren’s hole.

They get Wren on his back, and Gerard rims his hole while Santino sucks his cock. Gerard gets his hole all lubed up and slides his cock into Wren’s eager hole. Wren nurses on Santino’s low-hanging balls while he gets his ass pounded.

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26 Aug 16 By Jo 5 Comments

ChaosMen: Gerard and Jonas Fuck Antonio Cervone – Bareback Threesome

ChaosMen: Gerard and Jonas Fuck Antonio Cervone - Bareback Threesome

This has got to be one of the best TagTeam or Pure videos on ChaosMen!

With Jonas now being an Out gay guy, Gerard‘s sexual intensity, and Antonio‘s submissiveness, this made for a perfect blend of three hot guys really into each other.

Both Antonio and Jonas love sucking dick, so the guys started with that. Gerard is a sexual dynamo and took turns sucking both his buddies while he got serviced.

They daisy chain suck each other, and after that Jonas gets first dibs at fucking Antonio’s ass. Antonio is thrilled to have both his holes filled.

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22 Jul 16 By Jo 3 Comments

ChaosMen: Gerard Serviced by Griffin

ChaosMen: Gerard Serviced by Griffin

Gerard did not disappoint this day!

Wow! He mentioned he fucked ass and throat aggressively before he arrived for his shoots. Despite Griffin living halfway across the country, Bryan knew he needed to fly him in to do this guy’s oral.

We’re so glad he did!

Griffin shows him how far down he can suck a giant cock, and he massage’s Gerard’s cock with his throat. Gerard immediately got aggressive once he saw Griffin was a pro.

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15 Jun 16 By Jo 5 Comments

ChaosMen: Gerard

ChaosMen: Gerard

Gerard has done a solo before, so he is not totally new to doing video work. He was relaxed and ready to go!

He is 25, mixed-heritage, and has amazing body with a 8.5″ cock. Gerard is bi, but is married, and he mentioned his wife was also bi. Not a lot of jealousy in that house. Lots of sharing!

He leans towards women, but he definitely has a thing for hung Latin guys. He is an ass man when it comes to both men and women, and though he says he likes the guys hung, he is all about fucking their asses. He has tried bottoming, but has never had the epiphany where it felt good.

Gerard has a great smile, and hot dirty-boy energy. He doesn’t wear deodorant, so for you guys that like musky dudes, he smells great. For those of you who don’t like them fragrant, no fear, he cleans up nicely, and it is not overpowering.

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06 Jun 16 By Jo 12 Comments